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‘Pokémon Go’ Starbucks Drinks: Partnership Comes With Special Edition Frappuccino; Nearby Pokemon Tracker Update

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Pokémon Go players will get their in-game refills in more PokéStops. Niantic Labs, the top mobile game’s maker, has partnered with stores in the U.S. to become new PokéStops, with some Starbucks drinks added to the mix.

The augmented reality game is known for making players do the actual legwork and going to real world locations in order to catch Pokémons, battle in gyms, claim in-game items, and more. With that, Niantic Labs has expanded its scope by partnering with thousands of stores in the U.S. to turn into PokéStops.

Play Pokémon Go in Starbucks and Sprint

Getting one’s much-needed dose of caffeine will also get players with refills of PokéBalls, potions and revives as 7,800 company-run Starbucks stores are turned into PokéStops. Moreover, the coffeehouse chain will also create a special edition Starbucks drinks of the mobile games in order to celebrate the collaboration.

The team up follows Niantics’ recent partnership with Sprint, the fourth largest wireless carrier in the U.S. Previously, 10, 500 stores of Sprint, Boost Mobile and Sprint at Radioshack are all turned into PokéStops as well.

With the mobile game’s popularity, many local businesses have jumped in on the bandwagon to make use of the game’s foot traffic necessities. Many local businesses who already have PokéStops in their vicinities have placed Lures that literally lures Pokémons, which in turn, lures customers.

Nearby Pokémon Tracker Update

In relation to PokéStops, the recent update to the game’s Nearby feature has received mixed views. The new Nearby tracker can now more specifically show locations of Pokémons around the area – but only in PokéStops.

Rural players, who do not have many PokéStops in the area, are quite upset with the update. With that, some changes are made in the Nearby Pokémon feature functions when there are only a few PokéStops within the area.

Playing Pokémon Go, coupled with some Starbucks drinks, will definitely be on the next itinerary of things-to-do for many.

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