Angelina Jolie Influenced by ‘Two Witches’ To Divorce Brad Pitt: Report

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Angelina Jolie Influenced by 'Two Witches' To Divorce Brad Pitt?
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt marriage troubles caused by Angelina’s British friends, nicknamed “two witches” by staff?

Many speculations about the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie came up as people question “irreconcilable differences” being the reason for the separation. This time, it is Angelina’s British friends, nicknamed “witches,” who are said to be the culprits of driving a wedge between the relationship.

Angelina Jolie Influenced by “Two Witches?”

In the latest news, a British tabloid reports that it is Baroness Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton, William Hague’s former adviser, who influenced the 41-year-old actress’ decision to divorce Brad. Allegedly, it was the couple’s staff and employees who spilled the beans to the tabloid. They even called Helic and Dalton as “two witches,” and purportedly, everyone in the staff knows who the monikers mean.

According to the alleged sources, Helic and Dalton came into the Maleficent actress’ life because of Angelina’s “political” and “charitable side.” However, as time went on, their relationship with the actress grew to become “very intense,” with the two already meddling with Angelina’s personal life.

Moreover, the claims stated that Brad, at first, “enjoyed having them around.” But later on, the 52-year-old actor became “infuriated” with the two as they would always be in the room, even when Brad wanted to speak with Angelina privately. They were also purportedly advising Angelina to spend more time with them instead of Brad.

Brangelina Divorce Continues To Get Ugly

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop questioned the article’s authenticity by stating that if the claims were really by the estranged couple’s staff, there should have been a confidentiality agreement that binds them to keep the family’s privacy.

While Angelina is indeed close with both Helic and Dalton, it is unlikely that a third party, especially not the two “cahoots,” is the reason behind the divorce. Furthermore, it was investigated that “quintessentially,” the two Brits would never meddle with personal decisions.

The progression of Angelina and Brad’s divorce continue to bare ugly truths behind what used to be a perfect relationship that many people assumed. The two is currently battling on who gets the custody of their six kids.

Latest news revealed that Brad was denied by the judge with his request to seal details regarding the custody dispute with the purpose of protecting their children. But Angelina’s lawyers saw the appeal as Brad’s “thinly veiled attempt” on keeping the details as he is afraid that embarrassing information about him might surface.

Even though the children are all currently under the wing of Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt are allowed “therapeutic visitations.” As to whether the two camps will set aside differences for one day in order for the family to spend Christmas together, only time can tell.

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