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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 10 Spoilers: Birth of Howard, Bernadette’s Baby Will Not Be Shown

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Howard and Bernadette will be welcoming their first child together, and everyone is excited. Spoilers for Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory indicate the name Howard and Bernadette have for their child and why there will not be a scene where she gives birth.

Amy and Sheldon are not the only ones who have things to do, that being their yearly coitus agreement. Howard and Bernadette are about to become parents and spoilers reveal that as they welcome their kid into the world, there is one thing that will not be shown: the birth itself.

According to showrunner Steve Molaro, he has a very good reason why they will not show a scene of Bernadette pushing the baby out. Molaro stated that so many shows have already done those kinds of scenes. He added that the episode will instead focus on what happens before Bernadette goes into labor.

Molaro then added that the episode will instead focus on what happens before Bernadette goes into labor. The Big Bang Theory is not the only show that will not show a birth scene, however. Parks & Recreation did not show Amy Poehler’s character Leslie nor Rashida Jones’ character Ann giving birth as well.

Howard & Bernadette’s Baby Name

Meanwhile, spoilers also indicate that Howard and Bernadette’s baby name will also be revealed in the episode after the winter break. The name of the couple’s baby girl will be Hallie.

Howard and Bernadette will be up in arms as new parents when they take baby Hallie home. Naturally, it will also involve Sheldon and the rest, as they try and take care of her too. Having to take care of the baby will mean that Amy and Sheldon might have to put their annual bedroom activities on hold for a while.

Now that Howard is a father, Hallie might pave the way for him to reach out to his own father Sam. This might serve as a chance for the two men to reconnect and bond. According to Molaro, Howard’s father is just around, and the baby will become the reason for him to appear. For now, Leonard’s father Alfred will be appearing first.

The Big Bang Theory Season 10 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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