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Chip, Joanna Gaines Scandal: ‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Receive Support from Fans By Hanging Magnolia Wreaths

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Chip and Joanna Gaines Scandal: Fans to Hang Magnolia Wreaths to Show Support for Conservative Views

The Home and Garden Television network Fixer Upper stars Chip and Joanna Gaines have never left the spotlight since a scandal broke on the couple’s Biblical stand on marriage. According to the news, the LGBTQ community has questioned the HGTV couple’s beliefs for opposing gay marriages and relationships.

The couple, who became famous in home improvement, has just released their book The Magnolia Story. After the said release, the Gaines couple received disapproval and criticisms in relation to their church pastor’s views on marriage and homosexuality. Other sources said that the scandal brought persecution and harassment to the Fixer Upper hosts from social media.

Without even knowing the couple’s views on marriage, many have judged and created issues about it. The recent news implied that the hosts are anti-gay because they have not featured gay couples in their TV show. In addition to this, reports said that LGBTQ community aggressively wants freedom as well as to force others to accept their views.

Magnolia and its Significance to Chip and Joanna Gaines Relationship

The Benham Brothers showed their support for the Fixer Upper show hosts Chip and Joanna by persuading the couple’s fans this Christmas season to put magnolia wreaths as a sign of unity. Fans may remember in 2014 that the Benham Brothers also had a controversy when HGTV canceled their reality TV program before airing the first episode because of LGBTQ groups taking issues about their conservative viewpoints on their group, as well as on abortion.

The Magnolia wreath suggestion was first given by Adrienne Royer from the conservative website Red State, as the Benham Brothers followed suit. According to the book The Magnolia Story, the magnolia holds significance to the couple’s love story. Joanna said that it was the first flower Chip ever gave her when they first dated and she fell in love with magnolia after that. Also, in the Fixer Upper TV show, Joanna Gaines would hang magnolia wreaths on every home they fix.

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