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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Brady Intervenes; Daniel, Nicole Say Goodbye; Paul, Steve Continue Investigation

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DOOL new spoilers

A lot of things are coming out in the open for many Salem residents. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives indicate that Brady intervenes’ Deimos’ interrogation while Daniel appears to Nicole.

As previous spoilers stated, Deimos kidnapped Philip and drugged him into talking. Deimos wants to know about the child Chloe is carrying, but before Philip could say anything, new spoilers reveal that Brady will come in to intervene. He will be surprised and demand to know what is going on. Brady wants Deimos to try and justify why he is doing this to Philip.

Deimos will explain himself, saying that Nicole told him about the surrogate pregnancy and that Chloe’s child may not really be hers. Brady will take a few moments to wrap his head around the situation, but he will eventually help Deimos out in finding Chloe’s doctor. As Deimos thinks it over, he realizes why Chloe and Philip kept this a secret, but he will be angry nonetheless.

Brady however, will sense how angry Deimos is. He wants to do the right thing for both Chloe and Nicole and thus tells Deimos to do what he should on one condition: Chloe will not get hurt.

Daniel Appears to Nicole

In the meantime, Nicole has been dreaming about Daniel lately. She misses Daniel dearly, but she knows she has to move on. New Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Daniel will appear to Nicole in a dream. Daniel will talk to Nicole about moving on one step at a time.

Nicole will imagine that Daniel is there with her while he bids her farewell, and once she snaps out of it, she will remove her engagement ring. It is clearer now, that Daniel is the past and Deimos is her future.

On the other side of Salem, Paul and Steve continue snooping around Eduardo and Dario’s illegal activities. The two men discovered that Eduardo and Dario’s shady business involves fake designer bags, but they have yet to find out about the microchips. Paul and Steve will update Sonny on what is going on, and the three of them sense that something seems a little off. They will continue looking for more clues to be able to piece everything together.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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