Financial Blessing Testimonies: Man Proves God’s Promises True By Remaining Faithful in Giving Despite Money Problems

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One of the most common things that we hear people say is that God moves in “mysterious ways.” And this proves true in every aspect of people’s lives, which can only make sense because once we understand that His ways are higher than ours, we will be able to appreciate how God surprises His people with the way He works, be it with a financial blessing or any other aspect of our lives. For example, let us take the testimony of Richard and Lynn and see how being true to God has given them so much more than what they expected.

Richard is a lawyer, and his specialty is dealing with disability cases. He has a successful law practice in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where he mostly dealt with cases involving workers compensation and social security disability.

All was going well until the year 1994 when the military base close to them — and presumably the one where most of his clients came from — was suddenly shut down. This led to a population decline, and even his wife Lynn remembers it as a time where hopelessness is just easy to wrap your head around in.

When Richard was talking about it with his wife, he appears to be so close to giving up. “There would be less and less appointments,” he shared, and if it continues, he did not believe that he can go on making sufficient living being a lawyer in Upper Michigan.

He also noticed that the diminishing population had its effect with the rest of the community; people had “less and less ability” to pay their bills.

Richard Never Stopped Tithing, Despite Financial Instability

However, the one thing about Richard that most people probably do not have is faith and trust in the Lord. He did not just trust God in the days of his plenty, but he revealed that even though he is feeling the strain of financial inadequacy, he has never failed in his tithing. He said that he knows this is the secret to financial stability.

Tithing is a practice observed by Christ’s followers, more of fulfilling a covenant with God that if they stay true to giving back what is due to Him and His work, He will bless them in return, more than they could possibly need. Richard held on to this promise, and while he had his moments of weakness as men do, he was not so worried — he knew the Lord is their Great Provider, and by faithfully tithing despite the severe financial hit, he demonstrated his sincerity.

Financial Blessing and a New Beginning

And the Lord did not fail Richard. His expected financial blessing came in the form of a friend calling from Austin, Texas, telling him of job opportunities in the said state. At first, it seems like a bad idea to move. His wife even said that it was “daunting” to try to start anew in an unfamiliar place, especially since they are already experiencing a financial letdown.

However, they trusted that this was God’s way of telling them that it is in Texas where they would find their relief. They decided to go, and there and then Richard got a “steady source of referrals.” Looking back at it now, he admits that he could never have realized the plan God had for both of them, had they not stayed true and faithful.

Richard and Wife Lynn Remains A Strong Testimony of God’s Faithfulness

The couple is now enjoying retirement. However, they never get tired of share what they reap with their church, and other humanitarian work that catches their attention. They want to give back, happy in the idea that in some way, they could help institutions doing things that they cannot possibly do their selves.

Richard and Lynn’s story is one powerful testimony of how God can work wonders with financial blessing in everyone’s lives. There may be a crucible, a testing that will help define who we are — but we must see this as an opportunity to grow, to demonstrate our faith, and to prove to the world that God never fails in His promises!

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