Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Woman Healed Through God’s Grace After Years of Pain Following Accident

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Miracles need not happen in grandeur. There are times when it just surprisingly happens on a normal day, coupled with faith and trust. Today, a woman who is suffering from severe pain for many years because of an accident receives the healing hands of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes, life crashes with us unexpectedly. We will never know when challenges are thrown our way. As for Rosy, she definitely did not expect an accident to happen to her one day. All of a sudden, another car from behind hit them “really hard.”

It was one instant of mishap, but the pain she felt on the right side of her body lasted for years.

Pain Through The Years

Rosy shared that she tried all forms of treatments, however, none of them eased the pain she felt. From her neck down to her shoulders, she felt a tingling sensation and a tight feeling that always makes her uncomfortable. She could no longer do normal movements, even something as simple as raising her hands above shoulder level will make the pain sear through her.

It was devastating for Rosy not being able to get any relief. She shares, “The pain in my neck,  my shoulder blade and my arm lasted for years.” Doing normal chores have been next to impossible which altered her daily life activities.

Unknowingly, miracles of Jesus Christ’s healing hands are on the way as no suffering lasts forever. There were no flashy fireworks or a grand entrance. It was just like any other day, but still so special.

Jesus Christ Healing Miracles

As part of Rosy’s usual routine, she turned her television to 700 Club as she admits she “love to see” the TV program. And just when she prepared to do what she usually does, which is to “pray for the people,” the host, Gordon Robertson, said a “word of knowledge” and Rosy says she was surprised by the Lord.

While praying for people, Gordon said that there is someone who had “a severe injury” on the right side of their body. Rosy felt Gordon is definitely talking about her. She follows the host’s instruction to lay her right hand on her right neck while watching the program.

Gordon continued by stating exactly what Rosy feels – it is difficult for her to turn her head, she suffers from a severe headache because of the pain, and there is a recurring pain that shoots down her shoulder.

“God has healed you,” Gordon prays. He proclaims that He sets her free from the pain. Gordon then instructs to do what she could not do before and to stand up and move her shoulder.

Rosy Today, Finally Healed From Pain

After hearing Gordon’s prayers, Rosy described what she felt – like there is water running through her body. She also felt joy. When she started to move her neck, she was in “awe” that she is able to do so without feeling the pain she was used to enduring.

Rosy had no doubt that it was the Lord’s grace that healed here. She, thus, felt so “privileged and humbled.” She shares that she felt the Lord’s touch. Finally, after all those years, Rosy is healed.

Unlike before, she is now able to do the things she cannot do before, like perform X-Ray procedures with no problem. And with that, she is thankful to the Lord. Humans have limitations, but the Lord does not. Rosy says what physicians cannot do, God can.

“Praise the Lord,” Rosy exclaims.

Rosy’s story is only one of many that serve as a testament to miracles of Jesus Christ as nothing is impossible in God’s healing grace with unwavering faith to the Lord.

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