Miracles of Jesus Christ Today: Man Survives Cliff Fall, Sees Christ’s Presence

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One of the ways that Jesus Christ is reaching out to us is through miracles. Believe it or not, miracles do happen like it did to David, and it may even happen to you today.

The story of David Scheller proves that miracles do not just happen, but that Jesus Christ is behind it all. His mother Catherine Scheller and brother John recall the time David fell off an 180-foot high cliff. It all started with a dream Catherine had one night, of David falling off the gorge. The next day David and John went on their hiking trip for the weekend in the Red River Gorge.

John and David hiked for two miles and were having the time of their lives. It was their chance to bond as brothers. They stopped at a cave and camped there, and just outside the entrance of the cafe was a cliff that was about 180-feet. The two brothers stayed up the whole night, having a good time.

David’s Fall

When John woke up the next morning, David was missing. Getting up to look for him, he went out of the cave and started his search. It was then that he heard a sound, like a wounded animal, was out there somewhere. John initially thought that it must be another camper just having gotten up and continued his search.

He heard the sound again, and that was when it hit John that it might be coming from David. After making his way through the brush, he discovered his brother. It turns out that David had fallen off the gorge in the middle of the night and got stuck on a tree. Soon after, the park rangers and fellow hikers had also heard David’s groans and along with John, tried to get him out.

David was rushed to the nearest trauma center, where he was fighting for his life. The next few days he fell in and out of a coma. David’s brain was swollen and he suffered a stroke that rendered his left side paralyzed. The rest of his family and friends prayed over him, asking that Jesus Christ would save him.

David’s Recovery

The days that followed, Catherine and the family noticed that David was recovering physically and mentally. It was then that David noticed Jesus Christ’s presence in the room. David turned to his mother and said that He was there with him when he fell in the canyon. David said that He wants Catherine to know that He is there with them.

His recovery continued, despite some roadblocks. David had to learn how to do almost everything all over again, how to eat, how to use the toilet. His strength was returning, but there was some anger in him, and that made his family worry. Catherine wondered how these miracles would happen if they were going to lose David anyway.

David recalled that time in his life and said that he was in a very dark place. His life had changed forever since that fall. His parents gave him a book about the love of God, and it helped him greatly.

A Weight Has Lifted

Since David received the book, he became more aware of Jesus Christ’s presence and the miracles he could perform. David prayed more and felt the Lord work on his heart. He felt that a big weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He stopped being mad at everyone, he stopped being angry at himself and chose to forgive instead.

Today, David and his family are grateful for that time in their lives. They are thankful that this helped heal everyone in their family.

David’s story teaches us that no matter how tough times are, especially today, Jesus Christ is there to help us power through and that miracles do happen. Today is a chance for us to listen and to pay attention to whatever the Lord has in store for us.

When you wake up, ask yourself: what miracles should I thank the Lord for today?

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