Personal Salvation Story: From Witnessing the Horrors of War and Being Displaced to Rebuilding Lives

Life will not always be as sad and conflict-laden, especially if we come to know about Jesus Christ and His loving presence in others. A case in point is the personal salvation story of a Syrian child named Reem.

For Reem and her family, life in Syria has been scary and traumatic. Many families in the war-torn place have lost relatives and friends to violence. Reem recounted how “the bombs fell without warning.” In one instance, a friend of hers who was playing in the field was killed. She and her family also had to flee when a bomb hit their house.

Rebuilding Their Lives & Making the Most of Trying Circumstances

Reem represents thousands of other cases of children displaced by conflict and crisis situations across the world. In eastern Aleppo held by rebels, the world watched as 5-year-old Omran Daqneesh survived the ordeal of the bombing of the  Qaterji neighbourhood.

Media activists shared a video footage of the young boy, who was bloodied and dazed in the aftermath of the bombing. Omran was shown in the footage placed in a chair, staring blankly, before rubbing his bloodied head, after which rescuers were seen with two more children in the ambulance. Aleppo has been one of the places where continuous and intense fighting between rebel groups and government forces, leaving many civilians wounded or killed.

Indeed, while many people do not survive, others do but they are forever changed by the terrifying sights and sounds of war. Many families struggle to survive and continue to experience crippling poverty.

Reem now dwells in a small apartment building in Southern Lebanon with her mother. Reem’s mother recounted to the Christian Broadcasting Network that they had to depend on other people for their day-to-day sustenance. There are well-meaning individuals and institutions who have reached out and lent assistance to Syrians and other races displaced by conflict. What most parents, including Reem’s mother, have noted is that the schooling of their kids has been among the important things affected by war.

Some celebrities, like Tom Hiddleston, have been at the forefront of humanitarian activities that highlight the importance of school and education. Reem tried attending a public school that let in refugee kids. However, the teachers were not kind nor supportive. They beat up Syrian refugees for no reason, as Reem disclosed, so she stopped going there.

Seeing a Ray of Hope & Light

Seeing dead and injured people can be a numbing experience, especially for youngsters. Reem and her kin eventually found light at the end of the tunnel.  The saving grace of Jesus Christ came in the form of the Christian school, Heart for Lebanon Hope Center. That is where Reem and hundreds of other refugees were able to study math, English, Arabic, and important matters of faith.

The school had a Superbook that contained stories about Jesus Christ. Reem and the other kids learned about the teachings of Jesus. One of these is that people should not hurt nor lie to each other. Compassion, a respect for life, and forgiveness were underscored as very important.  Slowly but surely, Reem developed a positive attitude with the help of the school.

Today, Reem and her mother are grateful that they have found physical and spiritual nourishment. Reem’s mother excitedly said that she is glad her daughter now has the chance for a bright future, given the educational opportunity opened up for her child.

Reem has expressed thanks for the Christians and other people who have wholeheartedly helped her and her mother. Believing that prayer can be powerful, she expressed hopes that the hurt and evil acts people inflict on one another will be halted. Her personal salvation story is one that other suffering youngsters can find solace from. The Syrian crisis that has snuffed out innocent lives may not be easily forgotten, but for those who have discovered or known Jesus better in the face of suffering, the road ahead shows much promise.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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