Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby: ‘Deadpool’ Actor Shares Younger Daughter ‘Mini Version’ of Sister James

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Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively Baby: 'Deadpool' Actor Talks Two Daughters; Baby Looks 'Mini Version' of Sister James
Actor Ryan Reynolds talks about two baby girls and Blake Lively.

Ryan Reynolds is, without a doubt, in his prime. After being honored as one of GQ’s Men of the Year, the actor talked about his wife, two baby girls and their circle of life.

After welcoming their younger daughter in September, the 40-year-old actor is certainly outnumbered by women in their household as Ryan claims he is doing his part in wiping off men in the world; jokingly, of course.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima, the Deadpool actor shared that he does get “more cool points at home” for changing their daughter’s diapers and whatnot. With that, Ryan says the award “doesn’t suck.”

Ryan Reynolds  “Circle of Life”

Ryan and wife, Blake Lively, already have two daughters in their brood. Their first daughter, James, is already two years old while the little one is just two months still and apparently, the siblings have some major similarities.

The Canadian actor shares that James and the younger one, whose name is still a secret and confirmed not to be Excalibur Anaconda, “look alike.” In fact, the new bundle of joy is actually like “a mini version” of Ryan and Blake’s first daughter.

Like most proud fathers, Ryan boasted that it is “amazing” to see their older daughter taking care of the younger one already. Thus, he shares that they are actually a “cohesive, working, functioning family.” The Green Lantern actor says Lion King got it right with “circle of life.”

Blake Lively Shedding Off Baby Weight

The Age of Adaline actress had shared on her Instagram profile about starting her New Year’s resolution early where Blake revealed she is determined to “fit” into her jeans again. Along with her post is a photo of her diet meal plan of healthy foods that are gluten-free from the food delivery store Epicured.

When asked about his wife’s losing weight plans, Ryan teased the interviewer, “I don’t know of what you speak with this ‘getting back into shape.’”

But really, Ryan just thinks his wife looks “fantastic.” When it comes to Blake’s meal plans, Ryan shares that it is more to “stay healthy is what we do.”

Ultimately, with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s two baby girls, “more diapers” comes with “more love.”

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