‘Transformers 5: The Last Knight’ Plot, Trailer: Sequel to Give ‘Two Mythologies’ As Various Timelines Hinted

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Transformers: The Last Knight Plot Trailer Boasts Various Timelines that May Resolve into ‘Two Mythologies’

One of the most anticipated film series is about to have its fifth film in 2017 in Transformers 5: The Last Knight. The official trailer for the movie was just released and it already has almost 6 million views to date. The film’s official worldwide release is expected on June 23, 2017.

According to movie producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, The Last Knight is not just a movie. It will give audiences two lines of mythology that will give you freedom to see different places that may or may not be related to the movie. The movie will also show how large the Transformers universe is, where they came from, how the people can relate to them; to the Autobots and themselves.

Transformers 5: The Last Knight Trailer Hints at Movie’s Different Timelines?

The 2017 trailer also showed shots from different time periods, from medieval imagery involving King Arthur to World War II when Nazis were terrorizing people, as well as footage of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime fighting.

In the previous film, Optimus Prime was looking for the Creators, whom he thought was responsible for killing Cybertron. It is believed that the latest installment will reveal what he was looking for.

A Star-Studded Cast with Acclaimed Director Michael Bay at the Helm

The science fiction action film series based on the Transformers toy line were all directed by Michael Bay, from Transformers in 2007 to Transformers: Age of Extinction in 2014. It was said that The Last Knight is his last film for this series. The fifth sequel offers a stellar cast consisting of Sir Anthony Hopkins, Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci and the new heroine, Isabela Moner. The films are still being distributed by Paramount Pictures.

The film series — and its director, mostly — have received criticisms in every aspect of the work. However, the series also got several nominations in different categories such as visual and sound effects.

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