Donald Trump Social Security Reform: Republican President-Elect Will Save It With No Increases

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Donald Trump Social Security Reform: Will Republican President-Elect Cut Benefits From Government Programs?
Republican President elect Donald Trump’s say on social security reform is awaited.

After a Republican congressman reveals his plan for a social security reform, all eyes turn to Republican President-elect Donald Trump and what his stand on the matter will be.

The incoming 115th U.S. Congress is about to face the challenge of the viability of programs like Social Security and Medicare. In order to permanently save Social Security, Republican Congressman and House Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee chairman Sam Johnson proposed The Social Security Reform Act of 2016 (H.R. 6489).

Social Security Reform – Benefit Cuts

The gist of Johnson’s plan is to cut the benefits as a “solution to saving this important program.” That means the retirement age will be increased to 69, benefits of retirees in the top-half income level will be decreased, highest-income retirees will get curtailed benefits, cost of living will be adjusted and limited, and the lowest income retirees will get a boost in minimum benefits.

Of course, the President-elect’s say will weigh on whether the proposal will come to fruition or not. And many people are concerned.

What Will Donald Trump Do?

Fact-checking site gathered direct statements from Trump in order to shed some light on what the business mogul’s say is. During his campaign, Trump was set on saving “Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security” with no cuts.

How to save them? “By making us rich again,” Trump says.

Throughout his campaign, Trump had repeated over and over that Social Security will be saved “with no increases.” However, he also acknowledges that there are things about the system that needs to be fixed, like “fraud” and “abuse.”

Meanwhile, it is also worth noting that previously, Bloomberg Week published an article that stated an unnamed source spilled the beans about Trump’s conversation with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who is known for supporting entitlement cuts.

Allegedly, Trump said that he agrees with Ryan “from a moral standpoint.” However, one has  to “get elected.” With that, there would be no way for a Republican candidate to win over a Democrat who promises to keep Social Security with more benefits.

It offered the possibility that there might be a disconnect with the words Donald Trump promised during his campaign and what he will actually do when he finally assumes the position, especially when, reportedly, powerful members of his own party voices a different stand; like for instance, the social security reform.

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