‘Star Wars: Episode 8’ Rumors, Spoilers: The Disciple of the Dark Side Rules With a New Look

Star Wars Supreme Leader Snoke
Supreme Leader Snoke as rendered by a `Star Wars’ fan.

When Star Wars: Episode 8 opens about a year from now, prepare to be captivated. Apart from the costume design of old and new characters that offer hints on how some stories will unfold, the next episode of the science fiction saga will present a vision — a tall puppet representing the ominous Snoke.  The rumors and spoilers just keep coming along with interesting fan art, thrilling fans no end.

When actor Mark Hamill retweeted that “the Dark Side rules,” he could not have said it better. The news is that the disciple of the Dark Side will be sporting a new look that is bound to impress audiences who are keen on details. Supreme Leader Snoke appeared in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as a gigantic computer-generated imagery hologram.

In Episode 8, he will continue to loom over the other characters who seek his counsel or give updates that something had gone wrong. In the next Star Wars flick, he will appear as a practical effects character, made of real materials and able to interact with actors on the set. The tall puppet will be operated by the crew.

Will Audiences Note the Visuals?

While it would seem that the visuals in the upcoming Star Wars flick will not escape notice from discerning movie fanatics, most of those who will watch are more after the unfolding events. Seeing Snoke in a more interesting and powerful look portend some major events  in Star Wars 8.
It can be noted that Snoke, portrayed by Andy Serkis in the previous film, is one of the driving forces behind the formation of the First Order.  There have been rumors and online discussions about who Snoke really is, beyond being a methodical villain. One theory floating around is that Snoke is Darth Maul. Another theory cites Snoke’s big plans to transfer his consciousness to Kylo Ren in order to extend his life.

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