Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Relationship: Actress Brutally Urged To ‘Quit Hollywood’ For Consecutive Movie Flops, Says Report

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Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Relationship: Actress Brutally Urged To 'Quit Hollywood' For Movie Flops?
Jennifer Aniston latest movie received criticisms. Actress urged to quit acting?

The personal life of Jennifer Aniston, especially her relationship with Justin Theroux, was recently thrust into the limelight following the high-profile divorce of her ex-husband Brad Pitt from Angelina Jolie. Now, the actress’ career is being criticized as she was allegedly encouraged to quit acting after consecutive bad-performing movies.

The 47-year-old actress’ latest movie, Office Christmas Party, received not-so-nice reviews from critics. Many reviews state that despite the plot and the cast’s potential into being a funnier comedy, the film just failed to execute it well. Of course, this does not miss newsmongers’ scrutinizing eyes.

Jennifer Aniston Toppled by Hollywood?

Following the movie’s flop, criticisms surfaced that every movie Jennifer makes is a dud. Moreover, the actress reportedly had not had any hit film for years which made gossipers say the actress is a “low-key actor” who cannot make any money at the box office.

There were also claims that the actress was snubbed by a Best Actress nomination for the only Oscar-worthy movie she made recently, which is Cake. Purportedly, Jen only became a household name because of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. but with how her latest movies are doing, she is not just a profitable actress anymore.

However, another webloid stated that despite the critics of the latest film, no one urged the actress to quit acting and leave Hollywood just because of her recent movie flops. It also stated that the news was nothing but a “nonsense” tale spun by the rumor mill.

Justin Theroux Distances From Wife?

Another rumor that is not dying down is the purported crumbling marriage of Jen and Justin. Hearsays flying around state that The Girl on the Train actor is escaping marital issues at home by traveling to different locations to film his movies.

But, it appears it is just another made-up story. One year into the marriage, Jen and Justin still look very happily espoused. They were even seen lovingly strolling hand in hand in Berlin where the 45-year-old actor was shooting his thriller film Mute. Moreover, Justin flew home to celebrate Thanksgiving with his wife despite his busy schedule and they are already planning to celebrate Christmas together.

As Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux look forward to celebrating their second holiday season together, it just shows the relationship remains stronger than ever.

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