Kate Middleton Dismayed as Prince William Complains About Workload; Couple Dubbed ‘Laziest’ in Monarchy: Report

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Kate Middleton Dismayed as Prince William Complains About Workload; Couple Dubbed ‘Laziest’ in Monarchy [RUMOR]

The Kensington Palace official account on Twitter recently shared a video of Prince William while he was delivering his speech about mental health issues in workplace. What some people noticed, however, is that the Duke mentioned in his speech that it can sometimes be stressful at work and he even admitted that a stressful environment is overwhelming for him. Now, it seems that even his wife Kate Middleton was bothered with the Duke’s speech because it seemed that he publicly complained about his royal obligations through the campaign.

The said speech was delivered to business leaders at the Heads Together Campaign in London. The Duke of Cambridge attended the said campaign and addressed the leading cause of absence in the UK — that is, mental ill-health issues. The said campaign was also held to change the outlook of small and large businesses of their employees’ mental health and to make it a priority in the workplace.

According to the recent news, even if the Duchess of Cambridge was not seen on the event, the so-called royal sources said that she was surprised with Prince William’s personalized comments.

Kate Middleton and Prince William, Monarchy’s Laziest Couple?

It was said that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s have been living a luxurious lifestyle while they do very little to earn any of it. Some even resorted to calling them the laziest royal couple in the history of the monarchy. The sources said that Prince William only schedules two or three royal commitments per week and spends more of his time with his two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte at home. The royal couple’s so-called stress and workloads are nothing compared to what average employees face daily.

Moreover, Prince William’s speech had made critics wonder how overwhelmed he was at work when he never experienced a normal forty-hour work in a week. The recent news said that the Duke should not make exaggerated comments in public about work. The Kensington Palace has yet to comment on this issue but the recent posts showed how the Duke of Cambridge addressed his concerns in taking mental health issues at work seriously.

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