New Year’s Resolutions 2017: Simple Ideas To Finally Get Your To-Do Lists Done

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New Year's Resolutions 2017: Simple Ideas To Finally Get Your To-Do Lists Done
Ideas for 2017 New Years Resolution

It is only a few more days to go and 2016 will be officially over. The new year comes with the long lists and ideas to make for one’s New Year’s Resolutions. But this time, how you will finally achieve them all?

There is something exciting with every turning of the year – a clean slate to start with. A fresh new page to finally make it the year to do everything we have been aiming to achieve each time. As the clock strikes 12, we become so certain that this is going to be it.

This year, we will start saving. This year, we will finally live healthier. This year, we will be going to be more productive. And finally, this year is going to be the year that we will finish off our resolutions until the end.

But just like each year, we are lucky if we even reach a month doing them.

Kick Start Your New Year’s Resolutions

Sometimes, the incoming year is not as motivating as we expect it to be since it somehow lets us put things off, since the new year is about to come anyway. Many people will immediately give up and just wait for the next year to arrive. And that kind of mindset will not take us anywhere. In the end, nothing will be done.

Dani Johnson, an author of several inspiring books like First Steps to Wealth, shared on her website that it is not too late to start ticking off your to-do lists. In fact, doing them now can boost your confidence in being able to check off all them as the new year approaches.

Johnson shared about her own experience into how she became the successful entrepreneur that she is today. In fact, she says it is around this time of the year when she started her start-up business with only $2.03 on her finances. Each day, Johnson shares that she thanks God for not letting her wait for any second longer before she decided to pull herself together, which could have been an opportunity missed.

Even A-list Hollywood celebrity and mom-of-two Blake Lively had already started her resolutions into fitting into her jeans again, which the Age of Adaline actress shared on her social media account. Some might think it is too early, but being ahead of everyone else will create the mindset of not setting things aside while there is still time.

You do not even have to do the most drastic change or the biggest item on your bucket list. Even something really simple, like maybe finally having the courage to cut your hair really short, is a step to change. The year is not yet over, and we can still make the most out of it.

One Resolution Everyone Should Have

Meanwhile, Ashley Graham, a model who inspired many women around the world as a lingerie model for a plus-sized clothing store, shares some ideas on what every person should have a New Year’s resolution. Ashley says, “Change your words.”

The 28-year-old model says that words are powerful. If you keep on telling yourself that you are ugly, or you are fat, or you cannot do it, then it will be the kind of mentality that you will have and believe in. She says there is importance in manifesting our language into the ideas of what we exactly want to achieve.

Moreover, Ashley shares the three B’s in her mantra that keeps her courageous, “I am bold, I am brilliant, I am beautiful.”

There can be many lists and ideas to come up with for New Year. But at the end of the day, it is your courage and motivation to make a change that starts with your inner self that will manifest in your resolutions and its fruitions.

You can read more of Dani Johnson’s blog Forget 2017 Resolutions…2016 Isn’t Over YET!

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