Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Together: British Royal Bucking Royal Tradition for His Ladylove, Says Report

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Prince Harry addresses the audience during his royal visit to Barbados.

Is Prince Harry bucking long-standing royal traditions to be with his current ladylove? While the British royal has dodged paparazzi in his trysts with Meghan Markle, reports have swirled that they have found time to be together. The downside is that the Toronto side trip reportedly cost British taxpayers some money.

Word got around that Prince William’s younger brother made a last-minute detour on the way home from his official Caribbean functions to visit the Suits actress, and added an extra day to his stay to see her. Meghan films the long-running television series in Toronto, but is on a break at the moment.

Reports portrayed Harry as being too smitten with the American actress to the point that he canceled his seat on a British Airways flight on the way to his home country, and booked another to Toronto instead. British taxpayers would end up shouldering the bill for the royal’s police protection.

Gossip-y Entertainment Publication’s Reports Debunked

Another wild rumor is that Harry has plans to move to Toronto, where he thinks he and Meghan will not be under such intense scrutiny. The tabloid went further to report that the idea appalled Queen Elizabeth and other members of his family, thereby creating enormous tension with the royals.

An entertainment news site debunked the reports that the younger son of Prince Wales was changing his residence location. It also deflated the same publication’s report that the British royal and Meghan have become engaged.

Harry and Meghan’s paths crossed when the actress visited London in March this year. They hit it off and began spending time together in London and Canada. The actress has also dined with Prince William and Kate Middleton, not to mention Prince Charles. Incidentally, Prince William was reported to be standing by Harry’s decision to issue a statement asking for respect of privacy, that in a way officially confirmed the younger British royal’s relationship with Meghan.

To date, Harry and Meghan were spotted buying a Christmas tree at a store in Battersea Park, London, but Kensington Palace had refrained from commenting on the matter.

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