Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Together: Prince Under Fire For Breaking Royal Protocol To Visit Girlfriend, Says Report

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Together: Prince Under Fire For Breaking Royal Protocol To Visit Girlfriend?
Is Prince Harry criticized for being visiting Meghan Markle?

Is Prince Harry under fire for breaking royal protocol to visit girlfriend Meghan Markle? The fairytale-like romance continues to bloom despite the many controversies surrounding their relationship, which includes a rumored secret engagement.

The newly confirmed couple is being closely observed by the media’s scrutinizing eyes lately. When the prince broke royal protocol by having a stopover in Toronto to meet Meghan, who is in the city where her TV series Suits is filmed, a lot of speculations have surfaced about the implications of the actions of the Prince of Wales’ youngest son.

Prince Harry Criticized For Visiting Girlfriend Meghan?

Royal engagements, reportedly, are not encouraged to be mixed with personal affairs. And that is just what the 32-year-old Prince did. After his 14-day Caribbean tour, he purportedly canceled his flight back to London and instead flew to Toronto to be with Meghan where the couple spent 48 hours together.

Looking back, the Royal Household in 2004 made a comment when the Duke of York pulled quite a similar stunt. Official travels are “entitled to grant-in-aid,” including staff, officials, and whatnot, while private travels should be personally shouldered by the individual.

Allegedly, the Prince met criticisms as his unplanned trip to Toronto was rumored to be shouldered by the British taxpayers. However, the prince did pay for his own flight and, as assumed, his royal security as well.

Prince and Meghan Engaged?

Moreover, speculations surfaced that the Duke of Cambridge’s younger brother and the Suits actress is already engaged. This comes after the 35-year-old actress was spotted wearing a golden necklace with the letter pendants of their names – “H” and “M.”

Since the couple is very private with their relationship, there is no official confirmation of that, though. What appears to be certain as of now is that both Meghan and the Prince are serious with their relationship. In fact, the Prince released a statement through Kensington Royal’s Twitter handle asking for respect of their privacy, which, in turn, just confirmed their relationship.

For the Christmas, though, Prince Harry and Meghan will not be celebrating the festive season together as Meghan does not yet have a seat at the royal table.

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