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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Chloe Gives Birth, Veteran Character Departs From Show

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A baby and a character exit are in store for the residents of Salem on Days of Our Lives. New spoilers indicate that Chloe will be giving birth with Nicole’s assistance while a veteran character will be leaving the show.

As everyone can recall, having Deimos around when Nicole went to visit Chloe was not what she had in mind at all. Chloe does not trust Deimos, knowing how dangerous he could be. New spoilers indicate that Nicole will come to Chloe again in the hopes of getting more answers. Chloe is worried that Nicole has figured everything out, but she will calm down when Nicole explains why she asked to talk.

Nicole explains that she wants to patch things up with Chloe and find out why Chloe is behaving the way she did. Chloe will think of an explanation and the two of them will make amends. But it seems that the baby has other plans and just when Nicole is about to go home Chloe’s water breaks. Nicole will help her go to a hospital, but the blizzard has blocked the roads.

The two friends end up resorting to delivering the baby in an old motel. Nicole will call Brady and Deimos up to assist them, but it might take a while before they arrive.

Surprise Character Exit

Some shocking news has come the way of fans of the soap. New spoilers indicate that a veteran character is leaving, or has already left the show. The character in question has joined the show within the past two years, so the speculation has narrowed down to a number of characters.

Among the characters who would prove to be likely out of the running for this surprising departure are Gabi, Steve, and Andre. It would now be between Eduardo, Chloe, Sonny, Deimos and Dario. A Martinez voluntarily went from regular to recurring character so it is possible that he may have left the show already. Nadia Bjorlin also recently gave birth so it is also possible that she would leave the show to focus on her family.

All of the actors mentioned joined the show within the last two years so it really could be any of them.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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