End of the World Predictions 2016, 2017: Computer Programmer Thinks Last Days of 2016 Will Bring Apocalypse

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Throughout the years, there have been many theories surrounding the Rapture and when it will happen. According to predictions by conspiracy theorist, the end of the world will be in the last days of 2016.

According to Christian computer programmer Nora Roth, the last days of the world will come during the last days of December. With the events that shaped up 2016, including the deaths of icons David Bowie and Prince, as well as the election of Donald Trump, it would not be surprising if people are not fazed by this. These predictions tend to pass, just like the previous predictions of the apocalypse over the years.

So, how did Roth come to the conclusion that the apocalypse will happen in the final days of December 2016?

Roth used some complex computer calculations from the book of Daniel in the Bible, and apparently, it comes down to the end of this year. The end of this year also marks the end of the supposedly “6,000 years of sin,” as stated by the Bible.

The Prophecies From the Book of Daniel

Roth provided her equations to support her end of the world predictions. In the Book of Daniel in the Bible, Chapter 9 verse 24 states, “Seventy ‘sevens’ decreed for your people.” According to Roth, this is a dual prophecy. The 70 sevens pertain to the Sabbatical cycles, or 490 days when Jesus first came to the world to save everyone from sin.

The 70 sevens also mean the 70 Jubilee cycles, adding up to 3,431 years. This marks Jesus’ second coming to permanently save people from sin.

Apparently, by fall of this year, the 6,000 years of sin will be over, and Jesus will come again to bring His people to heaven. The earth will rest for 1,000 years before it can rise again.

Fortunately, for the billions of people on earth, the past predictions of the end of the world have proven to be false. Harold Camping previously predicted that the Rapture will happen in 2011, but he passed away in 2013. The famous Mayan calendar predicted that the Rapture will happen in 2012, as also seen in the movie of the same name, and yet nothing happened.

There is no doubt that the Lord Jesus will come, which will usher the salvation of His people as well as the end of the world. Although Roth might have also given mathematical equations that may seem logical to our minds, the truth of the matter, however, is that “no one really knows” when will the end of the world.

As Jesus Christ Himself stated in Matthew Chapter 24, verses 36-37 (brackets added), “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son [Jesus], but only the Father [in Heaven].”

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