Kate Middleton Opens up About Queen Elizabeth: What Did She Say

Monarch's soft spot for Princess Charlotte
The Queen is shown during a visit to Goodenough College in London. Little known facts about England’s longest-reigning monarch as attested to by members of the Royal Family were uncovered in a documentary aired this 2016.

There is a saying that a garden of love grows in a grandmother’s heart. A fine example is Queen Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte. Kate Middleton revealed that UK’s s longest-reigning monarch has a close relationship with her daughter. The Duchess of Cambridge’s revelations in a documentary conveyed just how caring the Queen is, debunking the latest news and rumors that she is a very stern monarch who alienates Kate.

Going over the year in review will not be complete, especially for royal watchers, without seeing the interesting documentary Our Queen at 90. It uncovered snippets of the Queen of England’s life and how she regards family members, offering little-known insights about her character.

Televised Tributes to the Woman Behind the Crown

Seeing Elizabeth II up close, beyond the persona she projects when making a public address, can be beguiling. Netflix’s The Crown audiences across the world some glimpse at the inner workings of Elizabeth II’s mind as a young but steadfast monarch.

Prince Charles and his sons expressed how the Queen inspired them, but all eyes and ears were on the Duchess of Cambridge when she opened up about Prince William’s mother. Kate Middleton recounted how Queen Elizabeth has been “very fond of Charlotte” and would even leave simple gifts for Prince William’s two children in their rooms. Such gestures were one of many indications of her loving relationship with her family, Kate said. Prince William’s wife has been the subject of the latest news and rumors that underscored how she kept incurring the ire of the Queen.

A Caring Mother-in-Law & Grandmother

Debunking the idle talk and news that became widespread, Kate said her mother-in-law has been incredibly supportive as she adjusted to royal life in the public eye. All the things she said in the documentary clearly deflated all the rumors of the Queen as an unfeeling monarch who often got furious at Kate for bucking royal tradition.

Being Queen can be taxing. Elizabeth II has been busy attending royal functions and visiting institutes like The Francis Crick Institute – a world-leading medical research center in the heart of London. Most of the time, she also fetes ranking officials and heads of state at Buckingham Palace. This reflects her commitment to duty as she maintains close ties with officials from around the world. The most heartwarming portrait painted of the Queen, though, is that of a doting grandmother to her cute grandchildren, especially Princess Charlotte, whom her mother described to media people during the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations in London as cute but with “quite a feisty side.”

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