How Kate Middleton Adorably Met Prince Philip Way Before Prince William for Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

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How Kate Middleton Adorably Met Prince Philip Way Before Prince William
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince Philip for The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Prince William was not the first in the royal family to be acquainted with Kate Middleton. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge met William’s grandfather Prince Philip way before – and it involved rain and bacon.

Kate shared how she met the Duke of Edinburgh when she was still in high school in the latest news. The 34-year-old Duchess, who was still in high school at the time, was honored with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Before she can take home the award, though, she had to prepare a meal first. And that she did, despite the rain.

Kate Middleton “Sopping Wet” While Cooking

The latest news reveals Duchess of Cambridge sharing about trying to cook bacon “in the soaking wet.” She even admits that at some point, she thought of just making some plain sandwiches with “basic bread and butter” since “everything was just sopping wet” and then there she was, cooking bacon.

Kate talked to Phillip Schofield who hosted the documentary film When Phillip Met Prince Philip: 60 Years of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. In the renowned charity’s 60th year, Schofield exclusively interviewed prominent royalties, such as The Earl, Countess of Wessex, and of course the Duchess of Cambridge who received the award before.

Schofield shared the experience of interviewing the “Boss” who is “sharp as a pin.” Latest news also shows actress Joanna Lumley who is featured in the documentary as well where the activist compares Queen Elizabeth II’s husband to James Bond. Lumley says the 95-year-old prince could easily be Agent 007 as he is capable of doing a lot of activities like riding, sailing, horse-riding, fishing, swimming and more.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Turns 60

The achievement accolade is given to young individuals who are encouraged to push themselves physically to find “personal discovery and self-reliance.” The proceeds will then be given to DofE Charity that helps the less fortunate youngsters.

Meanwhile, the documentary will air on Monday, 9 pm on ITV1 where viewers will get to see Kate Middleton recount her adorable encounter with Prince Philip and more.

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