I Stopped Praying This Way When I Realized It Shows Worry and Started Doing This Instead

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This Type of Praying Shows Your Lack of Faith and Worry, But Here's an Alternative

Worry has always been one of humanity’s basest reactions. There are just some situations we cannot help but worry about, and it does not help that it is such an easy thing to do. One moment, perhaps of financial difficulty or health problems, could send us spiraling down a path of worry that is hard to escape from once we get into. However, there is one simple change you can make so you could do away with most of your worries and fear, if not stop worrying altogether.

On Why We Should Stop Worrying

At its core, we can see worry stemming from a lack of faith and the abundance of strong emotions. Emotion can be a tricky thing: it can completely occupy our minds for a moment and make us believe that there is nothing more important than the present moment — completely nullifying our knowledge of our past experiences and worse, making us forget that there is an All-Powerful God we can turn to.

That is what makes it so easy to fall into that downward spiral, and at times we are not aware that we are doing it ourselves. Expert life coach Dani Johnson in one of her holiday messages points this out: even while we are already praying, we can still show this lack of faith. There are times when we pray that we still “wonder if He will really do it,” or wonder if He is actually capable of doing it. And imagine, this is a time when we are supposed to be talking one-on-one with an All-Powerful God! While we should be filled with awe, sometimes our hearts are just as filled with worry and doubt.

The One Simple Truth We Need to Hold On To: Immanuel

This is the Christmas season, and while most of us are geared-up for festivity and cheer, it also comes with the effect of making most people worry. Do we have enough presents for the children? Do we have enough food to feed guests that would come celebrate with us? Do we even have enough time to do all the things we need to do?

These are questions that plague everyone’s minds, all stemming from a natural reaction that is so easy to fall into. However, if we really look at it in a different way, one of the most powerful messages of Christmas is this: that we should be free from over-stressing such things and we should stop worrying!

Continuing on Johnson’s advice she emphasized that it is not the “when” of Christmas that matters — it is the “why.” Why was Jesus given to us? Well, one of the most oft-quoted passages in the Bible pertaining to this can be found in the book of Matthew, Chapter 1 verse 23:

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him “Immanuel” (which means “God with us”).

Immanuel: God is with us! It might seem like a phrase too common and taken for granted, and therein lies the danger: we do not stop to appreciate how great and powerful this fact is! But we can demonstrate its significant impact when we pray.

From “Please” to “Thank You”

When we pray, we almost always say please. “Please be with me and help me with my work, Lord,” “Please help me with my studies,” and the like. And while it is good to ask, a more rewarding practice would be to claim that we already have what we need! The truth about Immanuel is simply that: that God is already with us whether we say “please” or not.

From saying “please,” we can declare our faith loud and clear by saying instead, “Lord, ‘thank You’ for being with me and helping me with all the work I need to do today.” “Lord, ‘thank You’ for helping me with my studies and always being with me.”

It is a simple change, but that is the whole truth that we often forget. The true meaning of Christmas is that God gave Jesus for us, and to be with us, no matter the circumstances. So try it; stop worrying, and start thanking the Lord today!

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