Trailer of British War Film ‘Dunkirk’ Featuring Tom Hardy, Harry Styles Thrills Fans

One Direction member in British war film
Harry Styles who has dominated much of the conversation on Twitter about the British war film `Dunkirk.’

The trailer for the war film Dunkirk was just dropped, and one scene that shows former One Direction member drowning Harry Styles has created a stir on Twitter. The next big question is whether Harry will be a letdown or a revelation in his first film role.

While a handful of individuals lamented on Twitter that a boy band member should not be the focus of adulation, Harry’s fans defended him. As a One Directioner tweeted, “Yes, the movie is the focus, but we’re entitled to have a favorite actor, too.”

The movie, directed and produced by Christoper Nolan, with music by Grammy award-winning German composer Hans Zimmer, also features English actor Tom Hardy. Tom has appeared in a number of films that have been well-received, including Mad Max: Fury Road and The Revenant. Christopher Nolan, on the other hand,  has been hailed for his ability to combine film artistry with box-office success. The Dark Knight director had also had the opportunity to be at the directorial helm of a psychological thriller film, a mystery drama, and science fiction flicks.

Harry Styles Dominates Social Media Discussions on New War Flick

Despite the key roles played by an esteemed director and a veteran actor, it is Harry Styles who has dominated much of the conversation online about the British war flick.  The trailer brought to mind the multiple award-winning film Saving Private Ryan.

The film’s story is set in World War II, when the Battle of France occurred in 1940. As German soldiers advanced across Europe, the British, Belgian and French forces were pushed to the coast at Dunkirk. France.

The film’s tagline “Survival is victory” is something One Directioners can identify with.  After all, Harry has proven he can get a big career break as an artist outside One Direction.  The new film that has Harry earnestly tackling the role of a soldier struggling to live is slated to be shown in cinemas in July 2017.

Photo Source: Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia Commons

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