US Election Results 2016: Russian Officials Deny Involvement In Donald Trump’s Victory

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Recently, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the results of the presidential elections. The CIA claims that Russian officials had a hand in manipulating the polls and the US Election results.

It has only been weeks since the United States elected Donald Trump as the president to succeed outgoing president Barack Obama. The CIA then made a claim that some Russian lawmakers and other officials interfered with the results of the presidential election to make Donald Trump the president.

Hardcore Trump supporters then went on to say that the agency and those making the claims were just conspiracy theories. Trump dismissed those claims made by the CIA, saying that Russia’s supposed involvement in the US Election results was ridiculous and just another excuse. He even took to Twitter to share that had Hillary Clinton won the election and his side would claim that Russia had any involvement, that would be a conspiracy theory.

Russians Deny Interference

A report from Russia TV stated that the CIA’s claims of their involvement in the presidential election results are baseless and are therefore false. They even compared this to Saddam Hussein’s claims of having WMD’s in Iraq, which Trump had also previously mentioned.

Senator Andrey Klimov came forward to refute the claims of the Kremlin hacking the polls and the results. Klimov stated that should there have been Russian nationals involved in interfering with the polls and the US Election results, they were acting on their own volition.

Klimov also said that they do not want to change governments nor political systems in other countries. He also made it clear that Russia had a neutral stance and had no involvement with the uprising of the Pro-Kremlin parties in Europe. Klimov then went on to say that Russia is being used as a scapegoat by a less powerful political order in the continent.

When it came to Trump, Klimov refuted the claims that President Vladimir Putin’s dislike for Hillary Clinton had somehow benefited Trump in the results of the presidential election and the polls.

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