Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith Say ‘Bad Parenting’ Caused Jaden Smith’s ‘Genderless’ Fashion Views, in Jest

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith Say ‘Bad Parenting’ Caused Jaden Smith’s ‘Genderless’ Fashion Views, In Jest

Will Smith has recently answered questions about his two children, Jaden and Willow Smith’s identity and fashion sense on Good Morning America. The 48-year-old actor seemed to be a proud dad even if people were continuously giving very unusual comments about his son, Jaden Smith, who has been wearing dresses and skirts as well as painting his nails. Because of Jaden’s gender-bending fashion; he became one of the faces in Louis Vuitton’s SS16 Women’s wear campaign early this year.

At first glance, it is clear that the Smith children are no ordinary kids and are not the average celebrity offspring. Their parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are completely aware of this. On Good Morning America, Will Smith’s kids were called stunning and very fashion forward. The 48-year-old actor said that he has no idea how it happened and it could be because of poor parenting skills, but he was clearly joking with his statement.

In addition to the reports, he said that as parents, what they can give to their kids as their gift is their freedom to be who they really are. He added that there were times that he and his wife struggle with thoughts of wanting their kids to be what they want them to be or just demand their kids to be what he and his wife want them to be.

Jaden Smith Cites Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith as Role Models

In March, Jaden Smith told GQ that he was just being expressive on how he feels and because it changes in a daily basis. With his genderless approach, he said that with fashion, he wanted the people to know how to be comfortable and not confused about gender norms. Jaden Smith was one of GQ’s 20 Most Stylish Men Alive in 2015.

On another interview with Jaden and Willow Smith, Will Smith’s son admitted that his parents are his biggest role models and also his sister’s inspiration to change the world and affecting it in a positive way. With his statements, it seems like Will and Jada Smith’s parenting approach has been working well, despite Will’s joking to the contrary.

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