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Android 7.1 Features on Any Android: No Upgrade Required for Keyboard GIFS on GBoard

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Ever since the GIF keyboard was introduced, several other apps and software now have it. For those who have yet to upgrade to Android 7.1 to access the new features including the GIF keyboard, good news awaits as upgrades to the latest version is no longer required.

For anyone who has updated their Google Keyboard to the latest version may have noticed a few things. First, the name, as Google Keyboard is now called GBoard. Second, this update is now available for any Android device, no upgrade necessary. This feature was originally only for devices who have upgraded to Android 7.1 Nougat.

However, as the upgrade that was released a few days ago showed, no upgrades are necessary to be able to access some of the features that users of the latest Android software have. That is right, the GBoard 6.0 is now available on any Android device.

In order to access the GIFs, the GIF keyboard is located when the “smiley” button is tapped. This makes it easier to search and share GIFs to friends and family.

Select Apps Only

Unfortunately, there is a downside to having the new GBoard 6.0. The downside is that the GIF keyboard can only be used in certain apps. The GIF keyboard can only be used in selected apps, including Hangouts, Messenger and Allo. It might be difficult for users to find another app that has yet to support this feature.

There are other GIF keyboard options for users who really want to use this feature on other apps. The release dates of the apps that have yet to support the GIF keyboard from Google have yet to be determined as it varies from developer to developer. Whether Google will add more GIFs from other apps remains to be seen. For now, users can be able to access the GIFs from the keyboard through the selected apps.

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