These Are the Coolest Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners Ever

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This Is the Coolest Marketing Strategy for Small Business Owners Ever
Marketing strategy for startup businesses.

Developing effective marketing strategies for small business owners is an essential part of the growth and sustenance of your startup. As we delve into the examples and ideas to come up with for your business, we will get back to the roots of what makes people tick and what makes them choose your product among others.

Raymond Loewy, the Father of Streamlining and one of the most influential industrial designers, have sent a ripple of change to how the marketing world works. His theory on the success of one’s business and ideas continue to live on to this day and it is one thing that could sell any idea or product.

At an era where people went with the flow and were afraid to walk on an unpaved trail, Loewy found out the recipe on how to move forward amid the fear. With that, he was able to sell his ideas and make a change.

How to make your ideas “cool”?

In the 1920s, the focal point of American’s consumerism revolves on efficiency. Style and elegance were not something bookmarked by companies. As long as the product is efficient, then it is good to go.

However, they, later on, realized that they could sell more by piquing the consumers’ interest. But in order to do so, they have to create products that are “cool” enough for consumers to pick up, especially when developing marketing strategies for small business owners.

Loewy had his own uncanny sense of making something cool. He figured it out by realizing that consumers’ actions were driven by two disagreeing forces: neophilia and neophobia.

Neophilia is people’s curiosity about new things while neophobia is their fear of the unfamiliar. That makes consumers drift towards products that are brazen, yet at the same time, recognizable.

Theory of MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable)

To create a bridge between the two, Loewy’s MAYA theory was born. MAYA stands for “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable,” which means creating something surprising and then making it familiar, and creating something familiar and then making it surprising.

That is how Loewy made his innovative designs. Some examples of his work include the International Harvester tractors that were used in farming the Great Plains, Lucky Store’s merchandise racks, Frigidaire ovens for cooking meals, the “Loewy Coupe” and more.

When Loewy presented his designs to the Pennsylvania Railroad president, he was met with skepticisms. But just like most success stories, Loewy did not give up.

Instead, he used “repeated exposure” of his designs to the railroad people. Later on, they got used to the idea which made them accept the most progressive designs.

And just like that, what used to be bulky trains turned into a sleek bullet-shaped machine traveling many miles an hour. Moreover, as a populist, Loewy was able to come up with an innovative design that agrees with how engineers work without compromising the passengers’ comfort and needs.

4 Examples of Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners

With the MAYA theory in mind, here are four quick ideas to keep in mind for coming up with marketing strategies for small business owners that can be used to boost your leverage in the market while keeping a low-cost and effective advertising plan.

1. Identify and target your audience.

Your product does not work with everyone. By narrowing down the people you target who will be interested in what you offer, it will be easier to identify what technique to use in order to get their attention.

For instance, you have a startup photography business. It would be hard to be an expert in all areas, from portrait to sports to landscape photography.

If you know where you are the most talented in, say for instance in portrait, you will be able to know the kind of audience and customers to approach.

Moreover, figuring out whether you are for portrait photography of babies, or wedding, or even concerts; whether your style is more conceptual or editorial and whatnot should also be part of your marketing strategy.

That is because it is impossible to cater to everyone’s needs as there are different factors be put in mind. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Demography
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Occupation
  • Marital status

2. Create a clear brand.

By having your own brand, it will be easier to set yourself apart from the competition. Whether your business is by selling products or by offering your personal services, you should know who you are, what you stand for and where you are good at in your marketing strategies for small business owners.

Branding goes more than creating a name and logo for your business. You have to know what you offer, what your customers need, and where you differ from others on the same market.

Yet at the same time, you have to design your brand in a way that leaves space for growth and expansion in the future.

3. Use social media resourcefully.

One of the best and no-cost ways of getting your business out there is through social media. With small businesses, the budget allocated for marketing and advertising is not that big yet, especially as compared to bigger and more prominent brands that might be in the same market as you are.

And this is where social media comes handy for your marketing strategies for small business owners. Like Loewy’s MAYA, people respond more to products that are familiar. And it is not just a mere guess or assumption as science can back it up.

An experiment was conducted by psychologist Robert Zajonc in the 1960s where he showed the subjects different figures of nonsense words, random shapes, and Chinese-like characters.

The experiment showed promising results as people were proven to gravitate towards objects that are familiar.

The discovery is known as the “mere-exposure effect.”

Thus, by making your business seen through different social media platforms, you are making your audience familiar with your brand through repetition since they will already feel safe by knowing your business

Examples also include why some people drift to McDonald’s when traveling to different countries despite the many restaurants available since the sense of familiarity keeps consumers feel safe and well-known.

Using Facebook, Twitter, and whatnot, including email marketing, lets you get closer to your target customers. And by getting to know you, they will more likely choose you over others.

4. Make your business available.

Be available, with a twist. Go to pop-up bazaars and festivals in the market.

Like previously mentioned, have a presence in the social media world. Let your consumers know that you exist and inform them how they could keep in touch with you.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding a really nice product but not knowing where you are located, or having difficulties in meeting with you, can swat away potential customers.

More importantly, add a twist to what you offer. According to Loewy, one must have a mix of something familiar and surprising to lure consumers.

These are only examples to give you more idea to help you get you started with your own marketing strategies for small business owners.

And just like how Loewy was able to give one of the best contributions to space stations through a viewing portal to the Earth, bringing a new idea that can connect your consumers to somewhere or something they feel is as safe as a home is the best marketing strategy anyone can come up with.

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