Donald Trump Appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Revealed Director of US-Russian Oil Company By Leaked Documents

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Donald Trump Appointed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Revealed Director of US-Russian Oil Company By Leaked Documents
Incoming Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is revealed to be director of Russian oil company based in Bahamas.

Donald Trump’s appointments for the important position of his incoming administration continue to stir controversies. The President-elect’s incoming secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, is revealed to be a director of a U.S.-Russian oil company in the Bahamas according to leaked documents.

The latest nomination by the business mogul for the top government position of the next U.S. Secretary of State faces a whole new wave of criticisms following the questioning of Tillerson’s eligibility. The leaked documents, under public registry, came from 1.3 million files given by an anonymous source to German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Rex Tillerson’s Russian Connections

Tillerson, the current chief executive of the biggest oil company in the world ExxonMobil, was discovered to be the director of Exxon Neftegas in 1998, a Bahamas-based U.S.-Russian oil firm. Tillerson’s name on the company filings, RW Tillerson, appears along with officers based at Texas, Moscow and far eastern Russia.

While Tillerson’s dictatorship on the oil company and the ExxonMobil’s offshore managements is legal, the information not being reported before can raise further criticisms of Tillerson and Russia’s relationship, especially with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Some critics say that the connections might influence conflicts of interest.

Donald Trump Controversial Appointments

On the road towards Trump’s incoming administration, his appointment of the most important government positions continues to raise concerns on the public. Previously, it was the position for the Secretary of Education and Chief Strategist that was caught under fire.

Steve Bannon, appointed by Trump to be his administration’s chief strategist, is the former chief executive of the anti-Semitist Breitbart News. He is criticized by many as a racist and white nationalist.

Meanwhile, Betsy DeVos was nominated by Trump to be the Secretary of Education. DeVos received scrutinization as critics claim she was only appointed because she is a billionaire despite businesswoman lacking the qualifications for the position.

And now it is Rex Tillerson’s appointment, coupled with Russian’s rumored involvement with the U.S. Elections, that stirs up the public as the assumption of Donald Trump to presidency nears.

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