Donald Trump Denied Support For Muslim Registration By Tech Giants Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Others

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Donald Trump Denied Support For Muslim Registration By Tech Giants Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and More
Google, Facebook, Uber, Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Twitter declined potential Donald Trump proposal for registry of Muslims.

The issue of a Muslim registration has trailed the incoming administration of Donald Trump. Big tech companies have already refused the possible proposition of the registry of Muslims.

Ever since the President-elect’s campaign, the possible registry of Muslims has been assumed to come to fruition. What added fuel to the fire is the recent proposal of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who is part of Trump’s transition team, to reinstate a registry of immigrants, especially from Muslim countries.

Tech Giants Against Muslim Registration

Donald Trump’s potential plan to create a religion-based registry is not supported by many tech giants. Microsoft has stated that they “oppose discrimination,” thus they will not participate in any “work to build a registry for Muslim Americans.

Meanwhile, IBM’s spokesperson is also firm that they will not “work on this hypothetical project.” They stated that they have “long-standing values” and “a strong track record” of their opposition to “discrimination” to any people whether it be based on “race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.”

The two giant tech companies followed the prior announcement of Google, Facebook, and Uber not to take part with the business mogul’s to-be administration’s plan.

Google revealed that the proposal does not appear to be on the table. However, if they are asked to participate, they will undoubtedly decline.

Apple also voiced their stand that people should be treated fairly disregarding “how they worship, what they look like, who they love.” As for Uber, the worldwide online transportation network giant responded with a short and firm, “No.”

Facebook and Twitter, the first two to express their opposition, declined any potential proposals regarding the registry of Muslims. Trump’s plan for a heavy surveillance of immigrants, mostly Muslims, needs the data from the big tech giants that are known for collecting user data.

Moreover, Trump is under fire for letting his sons Donald Trump Jr., 35, Eric Trump, 32 and daughter Ivanka Trump, 35, to sit in on the technology summit with the leaders of the tech giants in the industry, such as Apple, Facebook, Tesla Motors, Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft.

Potential plans for “turning everything over to his children” and Muslim registration are only some of the controversies Donald Trump is facing on the road of his inauguration and his incoming administration.

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