This Google Fashion Trends 2016 Report Will Reveal Your Actual Fashion Issues

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Google Fashion Trends report

It goes without saying that 2016 served up a rollercoaster of significant events, both good and bad. Even in the sartorial sense, a lot of significant questions were answered and it showed on the Google Fashion Trends report.

In this day and age, Google serves to be everyone’s best friend. The place to go for answers, the place to go for ideas.

It is very rare for Google to have a question unanswered because there is so much information on the world wide web. It also applies to a lot of budding fashionistas, models, and fashion designers.

The Google Fashion Trends report of 2016 has answers to questions such as “how to properly cut off the sleeves from a T-shirt” or “how to become a fashion designer.”

For the Fashionista-To-Be

Among the many fashion questions looked up on google, there are a few that apply to those who want to add their own flair to their clothing.

One question included in the Google Fashion Trends report was to “how to properly cut off the sleeves off a shirt or a top.”

Twenty-sixteen was indeed the year that ripped jeans made a comeback. But it extended to turning regular tops into crop tops, from t-shirts to sleeveless ones, and the like.

For those who genuinely want to know, however, only scissors are required to be able to de-sleeve some shirts or other similar pieces of clothing. That, and some elbow grease.

Another fashion question included in the Google Fashion Trends Report was of “how to pair booties with skinny jeans.”

Established names in the industry would advise to wear them with a little bit of skin showing. On the other hand, it is just a matter of putting both items on no matter what.

When it comes to the appropriate time to wear white, a lot would say before Labor Day, and after childbirth (or even if the wearer in question does not have nor want a baby). It is also appropriate to wear white if the one wearing it does not have plans to take public transportation. It also applies if they are the First Lady of the country, whether present or incoming.

Of course, when someone wants to know a lot about fashion, they also have to know some of the terms. Another question included in the report was “the meaning of haute couture.”

A lot of people tend to confuse haute couture for the ones seen on the runways of various Fashion Weeks around the world. To answer this question, haute couture is clothes that are not seen on the runways, the closest thing fashion is to art, and are more on a made-to-order basis than ready-to-wear.

Oh! And haute couture is much more expensive than the clothes on the runway.

Apart from ripped jeans, crop tops and shirts with sleeves taken off, another trend this year, according to the Google Fashion Trends report, was bomber jackets.

That is right, military chic is so hot right now.

Women opt for more masculine pieces while the men sport these pieces in different colors. It is a new kind of fierce and it gives an edgier vibe.

For the One Who Dresses For Various Occasions

Apart from Halloween, there are themed parties and events, where people dress to fit a certain aesthetic.

One of the questions included in the Google Fashion Trends report was “what people used to wear back in the good old 90’s.”

A lot of people look back on that time fondly, and they would probably say that a lot of layers are involved. A good reference to some 90’s fashion would be the Spice Girls and other famed boy and girl bands at the time.

As Coachella has quickly become an event in which people don flower crowns and bohemian attire, “how to dress like a hippie” was another question included in the Google Fashion Trends report.

A similar question also popped up in the report, about “the meaning of boho style.”

For the Budding Models and Designers

Of course, the Google Fashion Trends report has to include some questions regarding “how to make it in the industry.” One such question was about “how to start modeling.”

If there was anything to learn about making it in the fashion industry, it would be that kids with famous parents, good genes, and a big social media following seem to be the requirements necessary to become a top model. Instagram seems to be a good platform for aspiring models.

To answer another question about “how to become a fitness model,” create an Instagram account, think of a username that fits, and constantly post photos. This is where burgers and fries are no longer a must-eat on now-non-existent cheat days but merely just for show.

Last, but certainly not the least, is the question in Google Fashion Trends about “how to become a fashion designer.” In reality, it is much easier said than done.

Today, the way to becoming one with the likes of Versace, Valentino, and Balenciaga is to appear on various shows that are completely not related to fashion at all.

Reality stars? Singers? Child stars all grown up? They can all become the next names to watch out for during Fashion Week.

As mentioned earlier, if there was anything to learn from this year’s trends, celebrities can be anything they want. But that should not suggest that the rest of the normal folk cannot be as well.

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