CIA Agent on Saddam Hussein War: U.S. ‘Got It So Wrong,’ Americans Made Faulty Judgements on Iraq

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CIA Agent on Saddam Hussein War: U.S. 'Got It So Wrong,' Americans Made Faulty Judgements on Iraq
CIA analyst criticized George W. Bush faulty judgements during Saddam Hussein war.

A CIA agent speaks up that the U.S. “got it so wrong” on the Saddam Hussein war in Iraq. He also criticized George W. Bush’s actions who only heard “what he wanted to hear.”

John Nixon, a CIA analyst, who actually spoke with the former dictator Saddam Hussein recounts how America made a critical mistake on intervening with Iraq. Nixon says Americans made a lot of faulty judgments regarding the deposed leader and country.

Saddam Hussein War Revelations From A CIA Agent

Saddam Hussein War CIA Agent Speaks Up

Saddam Hussein captured in Tikrit on December 13, 2003. (Photo source: Wikimedia Creative Commons)

The fifth President of Iraq was executed by the American Special Forces and was sentenced to death by hanging in 2006 for the conviction of crimes against humanity. A decade later, Nixon reveals the mistakes made by the CIA intelligence about Saddam Hussein, his views on WMD (weapons of mass destruction), his health, and involvements with Iraq.

When Nixon asked Hussein about the use of WMDs, he did not expect the former dictator’s answer. Hussein said that they “never thought about using weapons of mass destruction.” In fact, it was even not discussed at all. It is worth noting that the American and British government’s invasion of Iraq was justified because of Iraq’s possession of WMDs and how it poses a risk.

Moreover, Hussein stated that America committed the misjudgment because “the spirit of listening and understanding was not there.” He also warned America’s attempt at building a nation in the country that it would “fail” because Americans will soon figure out that Iraq is “not so easy to govern.”

The main reason for that is because the Americans simply do not understand the Iraqi – their language, mindset, history and even the weather. And fail they did. When Hussein was removed in power, Iraqi spiraled downwards with over 200,000 deaths along the way. Iraq is now even considered as a failed state.

Nixon also criticized George W. Bush whose administration spearheaded America’s invasion of Iraq. The former U.S. President was allegedly rude towards him and he also made inappropriate jokes about the missing WMDs, according to Nixon.

The CIA Agent also spills that the American politician blamed the CIA on their failures in Iraq. Mr. Bush also called their analysis just a “guesswork” while he only heard “what he wanted hear” regarding the Saddam Hussein war.

Photo source: Wikimedia Creative Commons

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