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‘Days of Our Lives’ New Spoilers: Philip Wants Out; Kate Offers Adrienne Support

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DOOL new spoilers

A lot of events are shaping up what kind of holidays several Salem residents will be having. New spoilers for Days of Our Lives reveal that Philip wants to leave, while Kate gives Adrienne her support as she undergoes her treatment.

Previously, Deimos kidnapped and drugged Philip in order to get information as to what Chloe has been telling him. Now, new spoilers on Days of Our Lives reveal that Philip will have no recollection of what happened. But, he will be furious at Deimos for what he did, despite not having any proof of what he did. The details are vague, but Philip definitely knows it was all Deimos’ handiwork.

Philip will confront Deimos regarding this, but it appears that all he will get is a denial. With Deimos refusing to admit what he did, Philip thinks he has no other choice but to leave town. Philip will run his decision by Victor, and the two of them will bid each other farewell.

Kate Offers Support

Meanwhile, Adrienne will need all the support and love from the people around her as she goes through her battle with cancer. New spoilers indicate that as Adrienne will undergo her first chemo session, Kate will be there to give her some moral support. Having gone through a battle with cancer herself, Kate knows how Adrienne feels more than anyone at this time.

Adrienne will be worried about what is to come for her, but Kate will assure her that everything will be okay. Kate had already convinced Adrienne to undergo treatment, so it seems that she might as well dive into what  The two of them, despite not really seeing eye to eye in the past, will continue to bond over this time.

On the other side of things, new spoilers state that there has been some tension between Joey and Jade. Joey will overhear Jade talking about her hopes and dreams and that may give them the chance to reconnect. Joey just wants to make sure that Jade is not manipulating him in any way, but fortunately Jade may show more of her good side while the two of them are at the hospital.

Days of Our Lives airs Mondays to Fridays on NBC.

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