Giuliana Rancic Thanks God for Critical Milestone of Being 5 Years Cancer-Free

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Reality star Giuliana Rancic recently wrote on her Instagram account that she has come to the end of this five-year marathon and crossed the most significant finish line of her life. She declared, with immense gratitude and God’s love, shat she has reached the five-year milestone of being cancer-free.

In this earthly life, there are “warriors” who weather the storms and keep the faith that things can get better, especially after the initial hurdles. Cancer survivors like Fashion Police host Giuliana Rancic and actress Shannen Doherty have found the courage to move forward and inspire other people to battle devastating illness, with God’s help.

Five years ago, Giuliana underwent a double mastectomy. The 42-year-old Italian-American television personality was terror-stricken when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Like other fighters who refused to have a defeatist attitude, she learned to deal with her fears and appreciate each passing day.

Giuliana and her husband welcomed a blessing in their lives when their son Edward Duke Rancic was born in August 2012 through a gestational carrier. She is looking forward to another five-year milestone next year when her son, who was born 10 months after her diagnosis, turns five.

To inspire other cancer-stricken individuals and to express her own sentiments, Giuliana recently wrote on her Instagram account her mantra: “Everything will be OK in the end. If it’s not OK, it’s not the end.” Ever since she was diagnosed with breast cancer, that has been Giuliana’s mantra.

Most cancer-stricken individuals will be able to attest to the fact that knowing they have a life-threatening illness can come as total shock, not just to themselves but to their loved ones.

Another Celebrity Warrior

Another celebrity warrior who has shown resilience and positivity as she undergoes treatment is actress Shannen Doherty.  Hailed in 2004 as one of the 50 Most Wicked Women of American primetime television by a satellite TV  channel, Shannen reached the zenith of her career as one of the leads in the series Beverly Hills, 90210. Other career breaks followed.

When Shannen underwent treatment series, it was an emotionally and physically exhausting moment. Fortunately, she had the support of her mother, best friends, and her husband Kurt Iswarienko. With their support, she succeeded in turning a heartbreaking moment into an inspiring one.

Shannen’s pop singer-friend recently tweeted that the former television star has shown that “no matter what life throws at you, you keep moving & smiling through the hard times.”

God’s Soothing & Loving Presence For the Cancer-Stricken

Reaching the five-year mark is a feat for people diagnosed with the Big C.  It just lessens the odds of the serious illness returning.

“I can now declare, with immense gratitude and God’s love, that I can feel the sun shining on my face,” Giuliana Rancic wrote on Instagram. “And I can also say that I’m finally…OK.”

Elsewhere in the world, thousands of other cancer survivors are praising God and embracing all that life can offer.  In Asia, Angie Bumanglag, 48 has been cervical cancer-free for several years now.

“I can say that I am a proud recipient of God’s miracle being a cancer survivor for four years and eight months now,” she said.

She added that her successful bout with cancer taught her to value life more – “focusing on the essentials while ditching the superficial.”

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