Jeffree Star Cosmetics Upcoming Releases: Foundation, Concealer in Development; Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette Launches in March

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Jeffree Star

Makeup guru Jeffree Star is known for his liquid lipsticks and highlighters. Now, Star has announced that he is expanding his product range and creating his own foundation and concealer.

The creator of Jeffree Star Cosmetics announced his product expansion via Twitter and his Snapchat, answering his loyal fans’ queries on whether he has plans to release his own foundation and concealer. He also stated in another tweet that it is a big project and that he is currently working on the formulation of his products.

Upon Star’s confirmation that his foundations and concealers are now in the works, his huge following expressed excitement and anticipation towards these upcoming releases. Knowing that Star is all about that glow, it is likely that the foundations and concealers he creates will help achieve the same effect.

Details To Be Determined

Although no other details are known regarding the new foundations and concealers, fans can expect that the products will be just as amazing as Star’s frosty highlighters and liquid lipsticks. Knowing the trademark looks that Star creates, these products are going to be high in coverage and pigmentation while also being cruelty-free, just like the rest of the products in his brand.

Still, Star makes sure to give his followers a big heads up on what else to expect from his growing makeup brand. As it is nearing Christmas, perhaps this announcement serves as an early Christmas present from the makeup guru himself.

For now, fans can only wait for more updates to come over the coming weeks or months until Star announces the release of these must-have items.

Apart from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics foundations and concealers, Star also announced via Twitter that his new eyeshadow palette, called Androgyny, will be released in March 2017. It will be the second eyeshadow palette the makeup artist has come out with, following his best-selling Beauty Killer palette.

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