Leader vs Boss: How Much of an Irritation You Are

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5 Differences of Leader vs Boss Articles; Which of Them Should You Be?
Leader vs boss difference

Leader vs boss articles not only make us aware of the difference between the two. They also help us identify which of them should we be in many aspects of our life, whether it be professionally or personally.

A leader and a boss might, at first, appear to be the same. After all, both the boss and the leader are on top of the social ladder.

However, digging deeper into the meaning of the two words will let us know that they are not the same. In fact, they are polar opposites.

While anyone can be a boss, not everyone can be a leader. A boss can easily be spotted.

Most likely, they are the ones with the spacious office in your workplace. A leader, on the other hand, can be a simple co-worker or supervisor who possesses the abilities and capabilities of someone who can lead.

Leader vs Boss

To make identifying a leader and a boss easier, here are the five differences of the two:

1. A leader motivates and empower.

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He shows empathy to his workers and motivates them to take action during times that have ups and downs.

Many articles also a state a boss only cares about getting the job done by intimidating the workers instead of motivating them.

2. A boss is the center of attention.

He will be in the middle and the focal point of everything while a leader encourages others to shine. A leader even steps back just to bring out the best in his team as he knows and acknowledges everyone’s potentials.

3. A leader gives direction.

Meanwhile, a boss only barks out orders.

A leader says, “Let’s go.” But a boss just commands, “Go.”

A leader also takes initiative to lead the pack but a boss stays on the sidelines while his workers do all the work.

4. A boss sees his workers as inferiors.

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Articles also stated that each voice and opinions matter for a leader since he sees his workers as equals.

A boss is, well, bossy while a leader treats each person with worth and leads the team dynamically to success.

5. A leader thinks people are essential.

He values the people not just for what they do, but also for who they are as a person. However, a boss only sees people as disposable and replaceable.

When his workers make mistakes, he can easily fire them while a leader considers a room for improvement and a chance to correct their wrongs.

So, which are you between a leader vs a boss?

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