Lynch Regrets Controversial Bill Clinton Meeting; Attorney General Says Reaction Was ‘Painful’

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Lynch Regrets Controversial Bill Clinton Meeting
Lynch admits a regrettable tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.

Loretta Lynch admits she regrets the Bill Clinton meeting in the tarmac since it “did give people concern.” Moreover, the attorney general confesses the response of what happened after the meeting is “painful” for her.

Over the summer, Lynch met with the former President after Clinton realized that he and the attorney general are coincidentally on the same tarmac. However, it also happened a few days before the FBI announced the findings of the investigation that was conducted for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for using a private email server. After a few days, the presidentiable was cleared by FBI Director James Comey against any charges for a criminal doing.

Lynch Regrets Bill Clinton meeting

The timing of the meeting cast doubts to many during Hillary Clinton’s campaign that the decision may have been influenced by the meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton. It was assumed that Clinton asked Lynch to favor his wife Hillary Clinton in the investigation which led to the questioning of DOJ’s integrity.

While speaking with CNN reporter Jake Tapper for State of the Union, the attorney general admits that she does “regret sitting down and having a conversation” with 70-year-old Clinton. She says her “greatest concern” was always to show the people that the Department of Justice works independently and “looks at everybody equally.”

“Very Cordial Discussion” With Former President Clinton

Lynch also admits that simply giving the people a reason “to think differently” is a problem and she accepts it, despite the situation being “painful” for her. She reveals she is upset at failing to recognize how the meeting would look despite being as “innocuous” as the encounter was, since it did still raise doubts to the public.

The topic of the “very cordial discussion” during the Lynch and Bill Clinton meeting was reportedly centered on Brexit and an exchange of hellos and how are yous that lasted for 45 minutes, which Lynch admits was longer than she expected.

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