Stephen Curry: No ‘Slump’ When You Have the Heart of a Champion

NBA superstar, Golden State Warriors most valuable player
Stephen Curry makes a dunk attempt.

Do off-the-court appearances, including brand endorsements and public appearances, cause a professional basketball player of an undisputed caliber to slump? Stephen Curry has stated that he feels good on the court, so there may be no cause of worry.

The 28-year old Stephen felt great when the Golden State Warriors, with himself at the helm, coasted to victory in a match in early November with the Dallas Mavericks team. With him at that time were Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green. 

Social media at that time carried the news that the team is the first in NBA history with four different players shooting three-pointers in the same game. It was, as Stephen said, “stuff to tell the grandkids.”

The question that has cropped up in recent months is whether or not the NBA superstar’s off-court appearances and marketing endorsements are taking their mental toll on Stephen.

The Cumulative Effect of Off-Court Appearances & Project Commitments

Why has the probability of a dip in efficiency on Stephen’s part created a bit of concern for Warriors assistant coach Bruce Fraser and agent Jeff Austin, who has lessened Curry’s sponsorship obligations during the season? It comes at a time when Golden State is attempting to take back the championship that eluded them last year.

Bruce had stated he does not mind the “slump” since Stephen is getting more rest now. That, in effect, acknowledged that there may have been too much of  Stephen Curry –  in print ads, in particular.

Time was when you picked up a magazine and you see Steph Curry in snazzy clothes endorsing a clothing line, or sinking shots and drinking a brand of muscle milk. All of it may break a person’s concentration a little bit on the court, especially a player who joined only two others in NBA history to shoot at least 50 percent from the floor, 45 percent from beyond the arc, and 90 percent from the foul line.

Then again, it is Steph himself who goes out there. So over and above the good intentions of an agent and assistant coach, he ought to know when he feels good, or if he needs to get more rest with a third of the NBA season now over.

On the Inevitable Showdown with the Cavs

All such concern about what could happen if Steph Curry does have a slump has its merits, though. Basketball fans only have to recall last season’s finals nightmare.

The Warriors wasted a 3-games-to-1 lead to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Steph attempted and missed the final two shots of his team in Game 7. On Christmas Day, the Warriors and the Cavs face each other in a showdown.

Indeed, one should never underestimate Steph and the heart of this champion. You know he is just itching to go out on the court with his team again.

In the meantime, the NBA superstar, who reached the 17th ranking on the NBA three-pointers’ list, also has projects close to his heart since they help others. One of these is the venture-funded tech firm CoachUp designed to help parents find private coaches for their kids.

Then, of course, there is no routine more reassuring to Stephen than bonding time with his family.

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