Conrad Hilton Foundation Ends the Year with $35.7 Million in Funds for HIV and AIDS Care Programs

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Conrad Hilton Foundation Ends the Year with $35.7 Million in Funds for HIV and AIDS Care Programs

The fight against HIV and AIDS is still on. Many organizations are still focused on finding ways to eliminate the disease, or at least bettering the development of sufferers. One of these is the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation that gave out a significant amount of funds during the last quarter of 2016, in the hopes of helping the cause against HIV and AIDS.

During the final quarter of 2016, an amount of $35.7 million has been already given out by the Foundation, bringing the total contributions for the year to $111 million. They aim to use these funds in part for a new strategic approach in one of their programs, the Hilton Foundation’s Children Affected by HIV and AIDS Program, an approach that will start early next year.

This year has been big for the Foundation, and they have been looking for ways to improve their strategies in grantmaking, with lessons learned through experience and from their stakeholders and other partners, as well.

Conrad Hilton Foundation Aims Better Care Delivery for HIV and AIDS Victims

This will hopefully be a bright cause for the future, what with the Foundation’s Young Children Affected by HIV and AIDS program aiming to radically change the approaches to the delivery of services and care in the next five years.

This will include improved learning opportunities and bringing awareness of the concerning issues as early as possible. They also aim to strengthen civil society networks and the governments’ involvement in the cause, as well as spreading awareness through more effective means of dissemination of data.

Peter Laugharn, the president and CEO of the Foundation, said that they are pleased to end the year with such an amount of funds spread across various organizations worldwide. He added that he is confident their new approaches in the program will bring about improvement in the delivery systems of care for HIV and AIDS victims, especially children.

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