Here’s How This Urban Legend Can Teach Every Husband to Not Criticize His Wife

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Man Left in Shock After Finding Positive Pregnancy Test At Home; Not His Wife's
Who owns the positive pregnancy test?

A pregnancy test, which is positive, is found by a man who always criticizes his wife for staying at home. However, a problem arises when it turns out it is not his wife’s.

Stay-at-home moms are always criticized for not doing “real” work with a paying job and not bringing in money on the household. Most of the people who disapprove them are the women’s husbands themselves.

Men usually think that they do all the work while their wives just lounge in bed all day without contributing anything.

An urban legend, or an inside joke, that continues to circulate on social media bears a lesson on why a man should never complain about his wife staying at home while he goes to work. It may be hilarious, but it also brings a piece of a lesson for every couple, especially those who are married or living together.

Pregnancy Test Confusion

A man prayed to God to switch bodies with his wife in order for her to see how hard it is going to work for eight hours every day while all she did, as he believed, is stay at home the entire day. The infinite wisdom of God gave the husband what he asked for.

So the next day, the man woke up as a woman. While his wife, in her husband’s body, went to work, the man did all the chores.

He prepared food for the children, took them to school, did more chores and before he knew it, it was already time to pick up the kids. However, his work does not end there.

He continued cooking for dinner, preparing the table, washing the dishes and more. Despite wishing for his wife to experience the hardship of working, it was him who realized the draining work of a housewife.

At night, even though he was so tired, he was expected to make love with his wife, while still swapped in each other’s bodies, which they did.

In the following morning, the man quickly knelt and prayed to God to return them to their own bodies as he finally learned his lesson. He realized he was wrong to envy his wife for staying at home with all the chores.

“Lord, I don’t know what I was thinking. I was so wrong to envy my wife being able to stay home all day. Please, oh please, let us trade back,” he begged God.

God spoke to the man and told him that He would be more than happy to trade their bodies back since he has already realized his mistakes. However, the man would need to wait for nine more months though.

He got pregnant the previous night.

So guys, be careful what you wish more since you just might get it all – with a positive pregnancy test as a keepsake.

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