A British Show Gave This Woman $12,000 Makeover After They Saw How Bullies Harassed Her

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Bring the victim of an accident that caused deformities in her teeth, Gemma Swift have been the target of insults almost all her life. Still, she remains an inspiration as her life is one of the more notable bullying stories of our time, one where she was vindicated from rejection because of her boldness to stand up against the bullies, and with the help of a lot of other people who supported her, as well.

From as early as 6 years old, Swift has already suffered the constant bullying and insults of others. As many can probably guess, this did not translate well into her adult life.

Most of the time she can handle herself; however, the insults never stop, and the bullying only got worse. The experience culminated into a woman who particularly gave her a hard time on Twitter.

Appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show (Britain’s version of the very popular Jerry Springer Show), she revealed the woman to be her boyfriend’s ex. The woman was always making fun of her appearance. Even as Swift pled asking the woman to stop harassing her, it never stopped.

What’s worse, when the story exploded online, most of the people on the internet seem to side with the ex.

“The abuse was terrible. I just wanted to cry,” Swift confessed.

An End to the Bullying Stories

In response to this, The Jeremy Kyle Show decided to give out $12,000 to Swift so that she could undergo a total makeover.

She then returned to the show and told the host that she felt like a different person. Almost crying, she shared how the change in appearance brought her a sense of satisfaction and more confidence in herself.

Gemma Swift has been thankful for the positive transformation. It shows that while there are people who just cannot help but bully others, there are still people who are willing to help.

Image Source: The Jeremy Kyle Show/Screenshot

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