Here’s What To Do If You Want to Increase Your Salary

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Here's What To Do If You Want to Increase Your Salary

Looking for ways to increase your salary is often an activity that involves seeking new or even outlandish things, entertaining ideas that we may have never heard before. Oftentimes, we take for granted what we have: ourselves and our skills. We forget that money means value and worth, and what we have has value. Our innate skills and talents are worth something, and most of the time it escapes our mind that investing in them is one of the best ways we can earn more.

Expert life coach Dani Johnson posed a seemingly simple question on her blog recently, asking “What are you doing today, to increase your skill at work?” It is straightforward, and one may be tempted to answer what they did the other day, last week, of maybe even last month.

But Johnson emphasized “today,” implying that if one wants to improve his or her value, improvement should not be just on a whim but should be aimed for as an everyday goal. And it goes not just for those who work for someone else but even for business owners; even if you are “your own boss.”

The Power to Increase Your Salary is Already In You

The simple truth is, more value means more money, and unless you are a celebrity or someone who works in an industry that pays you to be pretty, your personality and looks does not really contribute all that much to your value in the marketplace. Your skills do.

This is the reason why certain professions pay more than others. A brain surgeon is paid more than a nurse because of the specializations that the former has; the years invested in such a specific and focused practice.

Should we all be brain surgeons? Of course not.

People have different passions, and diversity of professions is essential to society.

Instead, what we are saying is that you have the potential to increase your salary up to a level of your satisfaction, given they pay attention to bettering their skills. Once we see value this way, we can see how — as Dani Johnson puts it — “we control our own pay checks.”

Now, there is nothing wrong in venturing into other ways to make money. However, it would not hurt to look in ourselves as well, and aim to improve our skills and thus our value with each day.

Many people think that investing in skills is something you do only in college, or in trainings, or in seminars. However, Johnson points out that there are numerous ways we can improve even when we are by our selves, in our free time.

Here we present some that she shared.

1. Read a Lot, But Be Careful Who You Listen To

Research has always been the friend of one that wants to improve, and with the internet, almost everything you need to know about a certain skill is already available online. While information is free online, you will never go wrong with getting a few books that are considered to be the top recommendations in your field.

It is also a must that you have to learn how to separate fluff from substance. A flood of data and information can oversaturate you, and listening to and picking up wrong practices and habits will be an awful waste of time.

2. Be on the Watch for Needs in Your Company or the Workplace

This could go either one of two ways or both.

One is by waiting if there are vacancies you can fill for which you already have the skills. This is the most convenient approach, as you already have an idea on what to do if ever you were given the chance to fill your position.

Next is to look for vacancies, and if the skills required are new to you, learn it. This is arguably the more rewarding option, as you acquire and possibly be good at a new skill while earning some more.

These are just some of the ways you can be more valuable to the workplace. The important thing to remember is that when thinking about ways to increase your salary, you do not have to limit yourself!

Trust that with the willingness, you can learn, or perhaps even master a chosen skill. And with that, comes value.

You can read more of Dani Johnson’s blog More Value ALWAYS Equals More MONEY!

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