Youtube Prankster Adam Saleh Kicked Off From Delta Airlines For Allegedly Speaking Arabic

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Youtube Prankster Adam Saleh Kicked Off From Delta Airlines For Allegedly Speaking in Arabic

Adam Saleh, a famous Youtube prankster, and his friend Slim Albaher were allegedly kicked off from their flight with Delta Air Lines because the two spoke in Arabic, which made other passengers uncomfortable.

The major American airline is currently under fire for kicking out two of its passengers for speaking another language which was caught on video by the 23-year-old Youtuber. According to Saleh, who documented the ordeal on his social media account with the hashtag #BoycottDelta, he was only speaking to his mom on the phone in Arabic that “made a lot of people” feel “uncomfortable.”

In a video that Saleh tweeted, which is now retweeted over 763,355 times as of writing, the upset Saleh can be seen telling other passengers that they are “racists” while being escorted out of the plane at London’s Heathrow airport.

Delta Air Lines Defends Their Actions

The airlines released a statement confirming that “two customers were removed” from the aircraft’s flight from London to New York and they were “later rebooked.” The reason behind the two’s removal from the flight is because of “20 passengers expressing their discomfort.”

They are also conducting an investigation on “what transpired” on the plane. The airlines also addressed the racist criticisms by saying that they take “allegations of discrimination very seriously” as “our culture requires treating others with respect.”

Aside from the video that was taken by Saleh, the events that happened which led up to the video are not yet known and cannot yet be verified thus people’s reactions are left divided. Some people voiced that they will wait to hear the other side, aside from Saleh’s accounts.

Youtube Prankster Adam Saleh: Should He Be Believed?

Meanwhile, others are skeptical since Saleh is known for making elaborate pranks before, like in planes. In fact, there are even videos on his Youtube channel where he is doing an experiment of “counting down in Arabic” while on a plane and pranks on what not wear inside a plane.

There was also a prank that involved him traveling from Melbourne to Sydney inside a suitcase in the plane’s baggage hold. The airline denied it as Saleh actually sat in a regular seat during the entire flight.

Saleh also posted on Twitter his gratefulness for the people’s support. As for Delta Air Lines, Saleh says the airline is only now denying that they were kicked out because of speaking in Arabic now that the video is out.

“Delta never denied anything in the video,” Saleh wrote. “Not a single person answered us back to tell us otherwise.”

Adam Saleh also says that even though they are pranksters, and he may “sound like the boy who cried wolf,” what happened with Delta Air Lines is “as real as it gets.”

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