This Emotional Reunion between an Owner and His Dog Led to the Perfect Christmas Gift

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The poignant reunion of a dog and her owner after a month of separation brought tears to everyone in the room, especially for the dog’s owner who broke down upon seeing the devastating the condition of his pet.

A clinic technician found the Chow mix named Sandy while on a camping trip in Kading, a camping ground near the Little Black Foot River. Seeing the dog’s condition as she looked so frail and can barely even keep herself up, the clinic technician immediately brought her to the Alpine Animal Clinic where she was given urgent care.

Dog Rescued From Almost-Death

Sandy was all skin and bones behind the thick fur that covers her body. She had to be shaved as her fur was covered with feces, ticks and grass seeds. Veterinarians were then able to see how dire Sandy’s condition is. If she was found a few days later, she would not have been able to make it any longer.

The main priority of the veterinarians at the Alpine Animal Clinic was to treat her back into a healthy state by feeding her food and doing tests and medications. The next priority is to find Sandy’s family.

Emotional Reunion

Through a Facebook post by the clinic’s Facebook page where they asked their followers to help share the post in the hopes of finding Sandy’s owner, they were able to reach 200,000 people and around 5,000 shares. It did not take longer until they were able to connect with Sandy’s family through a friend that saw the post.

It turns out that Sandy was missing for a month already after she got separated with her owner while they were staying in a deer lodge. She was able to travel across the rough terrain of Montana for about 18 miles, alone and growing weaker each day.

When her owner showed up in the clinic, Sandy was seen wagging her tail for the first time. The veterinarian who took care of the pooch says it was a sign that she recognized the man and that she was good enough to be able to wag her tail.

Meanwhile, the man broke down in tears after seeing the condition of Sandy that is totally different from the last time he saw her. The emotional reunion did not leave a single dry eye in the room as everyone was so moved after seeing the joy of the two for being brought together again.

Sandy is now with her owner who is experiencing hard times, thus the clinic donated all the care Sandy need. They are also accepting any donations for the future care of the dog.

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