This Fisherman’s Catch of Terrifying Rare Creatures Has Everyone Remembering ‘Finding Nemo’

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The ocean is home to many wonders like giant coral reefs, brightly colored fishes and enve mysterious wrecks of sunken vessels from long ago. It could also be the home to various horrors, creatures that could be considered stuff of everyone’s nightmares. As it turns out, Russian fisherman Roman Fedortsov is out to prove that truly, the ocean is still one of the scariest frontiers of human exploration.

Fedortsov is a fisherman with penchant for catching rare creatures from the sea, taking photographs of them, and posting them on his Twitter account for the entire world to see.

“Aha! Caught another one of these guys.”

He is a ‘fisherman’ in the sense that he catches fish, but to one look at his Twitter feed and one can say that he is perhaps closer to being an explorer — one who actively seeks seemingly otherworldly creatures with the enthusiasm of a taxonomist looking for new species to document and classify.

“Here’s another Macrourus. The scales are like sandpaper. #Fishing #BarentsSea”

Most of Fedortsov’s discoveries look really horrifying. Still, he handles them without any trace of fear at all. He preps them for the photographs, almost as if grooming long-time pets.

These Rare Creatures Could Be at Home in Horror — or even Science Fiction!

The creatures’ appearances range from mild horror to downright disturbing. Some even look like they would be just at home as monsters in Ridley Scott’s Alien franchise.

Roman Fedortsov is based in Murmansk, Russia. It is a port city situated on the northwest part of the country, and apparently its seas house some of the most exotic creatures, like the ones Fedortsov showcases on social media.

It is fascinating to note that we have explores the moon, but we have yet to uncover the mysteries of Earth’s deepest oceans. While we are waiting, we can rely on people like Fedortsov to share their most wondrous discoveries.

You can check out Roman Fedortsov’s Twitter by clicking here.

Image Source: Роман Федорцов at Twitter

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