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how to be grateful everyday
Having a family is one of the things a person can be grateful for.

Have you ever wondered how some people can always be brimming with positivity and often have a cheery mood?  Beyond eating and living well, learning how to be grateful every day for every little blessing received.

While gratefulness in some people may come only after surviving a major issue and realizing God’s immense healing and saving power, even those who have not yet experienced a major catastrophe or turning point in life can learn to be appreciative of the things that matter.

People may show varying levels of gratitude, but the important thing is they have learned how to be grateful every day. A grateful and happy heart, which is wanting what you get rather than pining for what you cannot reach, leads to more positive things happening.

The positivity can spread to other people, and create a ripple in the community.

Refocusing on What Really Matters

Many of us put a lot of energy on earning a living for day-to-day subsistence and gaining material wealth to enable us to get what we want – a car, house, a grand vacation, food on the table, and so on.

What people often miss out on is the fact that there are blessings from God right in front of them that they just do not realize – being able to breathe, having family around, having health, and many other essential things.

Dr. Seuss puts it succinctly: “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

While the adage points to the importance of motivation, it also leads people to realize that there are so many things, often taken for granted, that we can be grateful for.

Even those who are ill, anxious, worried or fretting over something have the power to counteract negative feelings. Trainer and Spirit-driven success coach Dani Johnson says, “Sometimes things can be just plain HARD and you don’t necessarily feel grateful.”

Difficult circumstances are part of life. It may not come easily to some people, but each one can learn how to be grateful every day. Gratitude can be good for you, as Dani puts it, adding that “what you ‘focus’ on is what you get ‘more’ of.”

True enough, numerous studies have uncovered how cultivating a positive mindset, like gratefulness, can increase overall happiness and well-being.

One study indicated that materialism and envy had strong negative correlations with measures of gratitude. Grateful people report themselves as being less materialist and less envious, it uncovered.

In particular, grateful people report being more willing to part with their possessions. Apparently, material success is not a very important factor in the happiness of highly grateful people.

Another study, cited by naturopathic doctor and high-performance consultant Dr. James Rouse, showed that by simply jotting down three things you are grateful for before you sleep at night, will help one sleep better. The chances of being productive and optimistic all day long go up exponentially.

Coping With a Hateful World

Even in a hate-filled world, each person can take time off each day, unplug or tune out, “build walls against sin and the hateful ploys of the enemy” and focus intently on the goodness and blessings springing from God’s loving and generous heart.

When looking for ways to overcome grief, or when trying to rebuild a life after suffering some painful losses, the best source of solace is God. Even in seasons of despair, God is there to comfort us.

Looking at role models, specifically how certain individuals have mustered the strength and courage to move on even after going through devastating moments in their lives, may also be an immense help.

Read more of Dani Johnson’s blog Be Grateful Year ‘Round, NOT Just At Thanksgiving!

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