If You Only Seek God First in the Bad Times, You’re Probably Just Using Him

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If You Only Seek God First in the Bad Times, You're Probably In Danger

Is seeking God first, no matter what the situation is, something you always do? If you only seek Him during bad times, things do not look too well for you.

Life is a series of ups and downs even though they might not be as dramatic as what we see on movies and TV shows. But still, we get a taste of failures, regrets, disappointments, and heartbreaks.

If there is someone out there who we can seek anytime, anywhere, it would be God. However, we must not only seek Him when we need His presence.

Seeking God First: When Do You Remeber To Pursue Him?

When the waves are rough, we cling to the Lord hard as we are rocked with life’s turbulence. During the darkest time of our lives, it is easy to blurt out words and make promises just to get us out of the dire situation we are in.

Each person experiences different challenges in their lives, whether they just broke up with the person they love, got cheated, failed to pass an exam, disappointed one’s parents, lost a child, lost a job, lost someone they love. And each one of them has their own of way of coping up.

Some resort to giving in to vices, while some turn suicidal. There are also others who seek the Lord at times of need. They pray to God for all their troubles to go away.

It usually happens to us. We beg Him to save us from the difficulties we are experiencing. Sometimes, we even bargain with Him just to get what we prayed for. We tell Him that if He will just grant our prayers, then we will do this and that in return.

However, when things finally take a turn for the better, we also begin to forget our promises – including God.

Dani Johnson, a life coach and author of many inspiring books, shares that she is guilty of doing that too. She confessed on her website that for many years, she only pursued God when she needed something. Using and manipulating the Lord to get what she wants is something she admitted doing before. In time, she managed to change her ways albeit difficult at first.

The Danger Of Forgetting During Good Times

While there is no right or wrong way in seeking God first, pursuing Him only during the times we need him can be dangerous. The relationship we have, and what we would like, to build with Him should be nurtured. And just like any relationships, it should not be one-sided.

If we only remember the Lord during hard times and forget Him during our sunny days, we are in danger of falling into the abyss of arrogance and conceitedness. If we keep that practice, we will eventually believe that we no longer need God in our lives. And eventually, we can easily be led astray.

For instance, many people think that success equates to being rich. And being rich will eventually make them happy. Indeed, rich people may not have the same problems that poor people have, but they still face their own problems as well.

Some families fight for the inheritance, while some grow apart from each other because they do not get to spend much time together. Moreover, some of them think that they already have everything they need in the world that they no longer need the presence of the Lord in their life.

Money is not evil. If used properly, it can even be a tool for someone to share the blessings they received to the people who need it the more. Avarice, meanwhile, is the real evil and losing the presence of the Lord in our lives does that.

Ultimately, seeking God first during our happy, painful and difficult moments is important. Just praise and pursue Him at all times.

You can read more of Dani Johnson’s blog Do You Seek God Just In BAD Times…Or In GOOD Times, Too?!

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