Beauty Pie Cosmetics: High-End Makeup For a Fraction of the Price

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Beauty Pie

Trends in the beauty community go faster than the fashion trends because so many cosmetic brands release so many new products. Enter Beauty Pie Cosmetics, a complete game-changer when it comes to quality makeup and the way products are purchased.

Beauty Pie Cosmetics is founded by Marcia Kilgore, the same person behind top brands such as Bliss and Soap and Glory. Kilgore took inspiration from online retailer Everlane, which sells their products at its cost price, with no retail markups whatsoever. With her connections, Kilgore was able to get only the best people in high-end makeup and skincare to help her out in bringing products of incredible quality with low manufacturing costs.

In short, what the brand does is source makeup from cosmetic labs all over the world and brands them. Kilgore stated that she loves how easy it has become with being transparent because the focus will shift towards the product’s quality in terms of development.

Two Ways to Buy

With the brand, there are two ways of purchasing their products, from either its full retail price or through a 3-month subscription. Being products of very good quality, one can expect that the retail price will be the same as a lot of mid to high-end products out on the market. Beauty Pie’s mascaras cost $24 a piece, highlighters for $38 while the lipsticks are sold for $25.

The other way is to become a member of the brand with a membership fee of $10, where the products are sold for just a fraction of their retail price. The lipsticks for those who will subscribe will only cost $2.38, mascaras for $2.31, and the highlighters for $5.84.

Sounds too good to be true? There is a catch to buying from this brand. Beauty Pie gives its members some spending limits. Subscribers can only shop up to $100 in retail prices, so that is about 4 of their lipsticks. If subscribers do not hit that maximum limit, then what is left of their limit will carry over to the following month, saving a lot of money in the process.

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