‘Blade Runner 2049’ Set Photos: K On a Mission; Deckard’s Status Unknown

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Blade Runner is one of the most iconic movies ever and 35 years later, a sequel is off the ground and coming in a lot sooner than people would expect. Some set photos from Blade Runner 2049 show everyone who is who among the new characters that are coming in.

Most of the set photos of Blade Runner 2049 give new watchers an introduction to the two main characters of the film, K, and Deckard. Ryan Gosling joins the Blade Runner franchise as LAPD Officer K while Harrison Ford reprises his role from the first film as Replicant hunter Rick Deckard.

Some photos from the set show Ridley Scott and director Denis Villeneuve hard at work, going over details of the film alongside Harrison Ford. One photo of Ryan Gosling in a car with Ana de Armas looks like something out of one of his previous films, Drive. In another photo, Gosling is seen walking by a very futuristic car which is most likely his character’s.

Deckard’s Status Remains Unknown

Apart from the set photos, the official synopsis revealed that the sequel will take place 30 years after the events of the original Blade Runner movie. LAPD Officer and new blade runner K discovers a long-hidden secret that can unleash chaos into what is left of society. This leads K on a mission to find former blade runner Deckard who went missing.

In a recent interview, Ryan Gosling was asked what it was like working with Harrison Ford, and venturing into the genre of sci-fi when it comes to movies. Gosling had nothing but praise for Ford and revealed that they were already filming for a couple of months before Ford had started filming his scenes. From the synopsis, it can be expected that Ford might not appear for a big portion of the movie.

Nevertheless, Deckard remains to be an important figure in the sequel, and this now poses a question of whether or not Deckard has become a replicant. Villeneuve confirmed that Deckard’s status will remain unknown, but of course, that will not stop fans from speculating.

Blade Runner 2049 premieres on October 6, 2017.

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