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Customer Service Bots Could Replace Humans

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Can Customer Service Bots Already Replace Humans?

Customer service bots may soon replace real people giving support and assistance to customers. In a business’ personal aspect, will bots’ lack of emotion suffice for the service?

A company’s customer service is the first point of contact between a business and their customers. And as first impressions always last, it is an area that is highly important in maintaining the company’s image and brand. If a company’s customer support is bad, unsatisfied customers will most likely leave. It does not even matter how big or small a business is.

Customer Service Bots Replacing Humans?

Social media has tapped into creating bots, like Facebook’s Messenger bots plan and Twitter’s recent customer service tools announcement, that can give customers quick and precise answers right when they need them.

Some are on board with the idea while others are doubtful. Since customer service associates are also given scripts and rules to follow, like for instance the usual verification process to protect the customer’s confidential information, bots can be of good help. In fact, bots might even be more precise as they are programmed not to miss one bit of information while humans may forget or miss something from the usual process.

However, customer support also brings with them complaints and interactions that tend to become more personal. That is when bots cannot fully give the empathy and emotional intelligence a customer is looking for.

How About Working Side by Side?

It would be best for companies to figure out what sort of queries they usually get. After getting the needed information, that is when they can finally separate general questions and more personal queries and complaints.

Since bots can easily answer frequently asked questions, humans can then be tasked to engage in a conversation with the customer for a better understanding of the matter.

Customer service bots can be the best option especially during the customer’s first stage of queries. But still, human interaction is essential in connecting with the customer’s more personal concerns. Thus, maintaining an equilibrium is necessary.

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